Recovery of 'Bouncing Bombs' in Scotland


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" .. Retired Merseyside newspaper editor Robin Bird, whose late father Bob was the official photographer for the Highball tests, has a wad of once secret files and photographs relating to this — “too many for one article,” he said."

There must a book in all that which would be well worth reading.


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SWMBO says I stumble enough!

Joking apart, the entire area is a rich cornucopia of war-time tales, from commando training, canoeists, submarines and other derring-do type stuff.

I was based at Prestwick, knew some of the wartime activities in Scotland but not the Barnes Wallace bit!!! Living here on Portland we have one of his 'bouncing bombs' in the local museum as they dropped quite a few off Chesil Beach.

As for the stumbling!!! Thats me through life. Sod all like a good stumble!!!! lol

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