Cellar man in my local put me on to this when first released, also had juke box fella install it in the boozer, peeps loved it. Some journo's call it his forgotten album, have bought s/hand from Amazon before so you should be OK.

Features Van doing some wicked mouth harp and voice as you would expect, guests include Georgie Fame on keyboards, Candy Dulfer on sax and..........................
John Lee Hooker dueting with 'The Man'.


''From the opening bars of 'Beautifull Seven' we are transported to a tropical jungle during a rainstorm and the scene is set. No one before or since has been able to marry African rhythms, brass,keyboards and guitar in the way Osibisa can. One can feel in this performance thier absolute pleasure at laying all this down, even producer the legendary Tony Visconti admits that it took till this, the second album before he could faithfully capture the Osibisa sound.Gut wrenching bass and guitar with layer upon layer of brass, woodwind, percussion and drums give a full clean sound, never overdone. 'We give you our treasure' they sing, most definately.''

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Bonk: Big Pig: Music

You will recognise snippets of this as the beeb among others used it as signitature tunes/background.
Wicked mouth harp again but the attraction here is the drums, 2 kits perfectly in sync and brought more to the fore yet never drowning what is a very clean sound. They would perform live dressed in rubberised abatoir aprons, they are from OZ, nevertheless, 5*.

The Tubes

The Tubes: Tubes the: Music

The 2 reviews say it all.


.They were bloody good live too, saw them at Newcastle City Hall on their first UK tour in '77, when the tour reached the south coast however,
The media concentrated on the partial nudity of the female singer Re Styles (Shock! Horror!) in fact, the good burghers of Portsmouth (where I lived at the time) went to a Tubes show in Southampton and decided to ban the act from their own scutty town on the grounds that it was 'much too cheeky'for the retarded inhabitants of Portsmouth.
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Bjork . Post

Yes she shrieks quite a bit but on this her second album her voice is as sweet as any, especially tracks 6 & 7.

IMO the most gifted modern composer/arranger/producer.

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