Recommended distance..


Lantern Swinger
For raleigh?

People shouldnt even have to train for raleigh but in this day and age.. god knows.

Try runs of 2-6 miles at a good steady pace?
I won't join Raleigh till sept 2010, but I am running between 1.5-2miles every morning as well as circuit training and fitness classes 2/3 evenings a week, plus copius amounts of swimming etc. But my AFCO said I needed to be running at least 4-5miles and keep increasing this to 7miles prior to Raleigh then 1.5 will feel like a piece of p**s and it'll improve stamina. I hate running, I find it hard to enjoy, so I am increasing the distance steadily, but I know I won't enjoy the fitness at Raleigh if I don't do some running now! So, aim for between 5-7mile runs eventually - I'm not there yet but will be by the time I go to Raleigh.
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