Recommended Book's on RN or USN Submarine's during the cold war

I looking at reading a book on the role of RN Submarine's during the cold war,any recommendation's,i thought about blind man's bluff or we come unseen,are these worth a read?...
If you want a good WW2 read, the book about U-Boats "Iron Coffins" by Herbert Werner is excellent.
i read that excellent book...i also recommend SEA WOLVES by TIM CLAYTON....i think i will try blind mans bluff,it seem's there is very little reguarding the British Submarine Service during the cold war however..
I am half way through Hunter Killer, from my time in boats, both DB's SSBN's and SSN's. It is accurate, and very scarey, I had forgotten half of what we got up to, this book has brought it all back. Her indoors is passing, sais she would rather not know what happened. But she does agree on the awful smells I brought home with me.
Cant remember the name, but the book about the Russians taking out a yank attack boat in retaliation for what they said was a the yanks involvement in the loss of one of theirs, not a bad read, true or not
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