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Recognition of troops return from Iraq & Afghanistan


Lantern Swinger
In view of the tremendous effort the guys in Afghanistan and Iraq are putting in, I believe there should be some recognition for them on their return.

Now remembering back to when I returned from Falklands and Gulf (twice) the important thing to me was just to get back to the family, however certainly on the way back we had the chance to party like there was no tomorrow.

Do the guys now stop off on the way home for "a bit of a do"?

When I say recognition, I don't mean a parade or stuff like that, but, I would certainly be willing to donate the odd bottle of scotch etc to let them have a bit of a regimental p1ss up.

Does anyone else have any ideas about this, I realise it is probably more ARSSE based now, but, the Booties are taking over from Paras now so it then becomes a little more relevant to us

Perhaps someone could also put this idea abit more eloquently

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