Reclaiming Driving Licence Photo Renewal Cost??

Discussion in 'UPO' started by SEP86, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to reclaim the cost of renewing the photo on your licence (£20), and if so what the mechanism is?

    The 2 sides of the argument might be that I need a licence to drive pool cars to the meetings I regularly have to attend, but the flip side is that the Pusser might say I need a driving licence anyway and it isn't just a service need.

    I will obviously have to see the UPO at some point, but like to research things before I ask so that I have an idea if I am being fobbed off.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I think the only renewal cost that you can get back is your Passport.
  3. You might well able to. Thanks to the RAF providing an old copy of the JSP 752, there was at least a provision for it. Being at home, I've not got access to the latest version, but you want Chapter 10, Section 11: Miscellaneous Allowances

    There's a handy check box that gives a quick dit on what can be claimed and what can't. If it's still valid, it's paid through the Imprest Holder, so you may want to go and speak to the expenses office instead.

    Edited to add: Check the latest version first before running off. The RAF one is 2009, edition 10.2 and I think the 2011 model is edition 14 or something.
  4. Have a look in JSP 752, Chapt 10, Sect 10, Annex A (Serial 4).

    Provision of Driving Licence Fees.

    Aim: To pay the driving licence fees for those Service personnel employed in driver trades, or those who are required to drive regularly as part of their Service duties.
    Method of Payment: The actual costs of driving licences are normally paid direct from the unit Imprest/Public account.

    Regulations and References JSP 800, Volume 5 (Defence Road Transport Regulations).
  5. Thank you all - I will have to go and shoot myself now, as I was the one who posted a link to the JSP 752 on the RAF site for someone else recently! Although I thought I was an allowance spotter, I had never delved quite that deeply into the final chapter.

    I expect I have dipped, but already this year I have had to drive myself to 2 meetings that would have been less than practical by public transport, and certainly more expensive when compared to a pool car and a fuel card - not that I am expecting practicality to be a consideration.

    Thanks again.
  6. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Sep. I did when I was sat at G S desk. Due to your Dutyjob you can claim it. Speak to the UPO and they will get you an authorisation number and then claim it back on JPA. PM if you have snags.
  7. Thanks for that tip Guns.
  8. Seconded from me, mine is due in Sep and I'm spending about 2 days a week on average at the wheel of a pussers Corsa!
  9. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    For having to use a Corsa you should be claiming a medal as well
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  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    (Pusser's trying to save money, and some people are worrying about claiming money for a driving licence..?!) :oops: :roll:
  11. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Because my living costs are high enough as it is and the MOD has seen fit to give me a year on year pay cut. Every penny counts.
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  12. Of course I am. I consider it right and proper to claim every penny that I am allowed to.

    I claimed the renewal fee for my passport as the Pusser requires me to have one. I claim day and night subsistence when travelling, home to duties (what minimal amount is left of them) appear on my pay statement, I email the UPO to make sure I get LOA when attending overseas meetings and I claim back the difference between Pusser's mileage rate and the Government one on my Tax return. I also reclaim currency exchange rate costs and commission. If, withing the rules, I can claim the £20 renewal fee for my Driving Licence then I will do that too. I welcome any JPA audit.

    As Gunz points out, I didn't get a pay rise last year and I wont get one this year.

    Do you claim any allowances, or are you rich enough to donate them back to the treasury to go towards a Type 26?
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I claim when I have to, not because I can - quite a difference.

    I'm not asking you to get out the violins, but I often neglected to submit claims for missed meals, civilian clothing (when I was SIB), opticians fees, etc., because:

    a. It wasn't worth the hassle.
    b. They were usually items which I was prepared/required to purchase myself, regardless of the Service need.

    I have often maintained that many Service personnel have had their thumbs in the pie for far too long and took allowances for granted. Anyway, as previously stated, it appears that you are entitled to the Driving Licence fee reimbursement, so that pretty much concludes the thread... :thumbleft:
  14. "Sir", perhaps you ought to consider claiming for educational expenses if they are *polite cough* within the rules as your English needs a little polish.

    Guns - if your living costs are so uncomfortably high, it might be worth looking closer to home when placing blame.

    I do not take advantage of the first class travel that I am entitled to and I choose to stay in the Wardroom rather than the hotel that I am also entitled to because despite earning less than half what my military equivalent earns. For me it is a moral issue:

    How many Military and Civilian personnel are being made redundant?

    How many front line troops are without adequate equipment?

    Don't get me wrong, my wages and a small military pension have to keep roof over our heads and feed and clothe us. Somehow though, we also managed to finance - without accruing debts - a social life that includes theatre, music festivals and gigs, fine dining etc and in 10 months, holidays to Egypt, Poland, France and Ireland. That said, we do that by cooking everything from scratch at home, not being wasteful in what we buy, by taking care of what we do have and investing in good quality items that will last - old fashioned values but they work!

    I could really do without the £5 here and there on refreshments when I travel for meetings but I cannot bring myself to claim for them. A dear friend of mine always travels first class and we have argued the point: she says that we are entitled, I point out that doesn't mean that we have to; she states that she can get on with work to prepare for the meeting in first class, I remind her that she is not supposed to work on the train...

    If your conscience allows you to claim for things that you would have to purchase out of your own pocket in the real world, good luck to you. I wonder though, what makes you any different to those lying, thieving, snivelling, dreary little politicians all claiming because they could, because it was technically within the rules?
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  15. Nice, fighting talk!

    I would submit we don't pay politicians enough, but I am aware that it is a minority view.

    As for the rest, it is the kind of argument that leads to a race to the bottom in the public sector.
  16. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Whoooooaaaa there everyone. For years I have not claimed for most things, who has bothered with DA each time they move ship for example. But in this case I was p"*&^% off that I had to pay for a new drivers licence when the picture one was fine, in fact they didn't change the picture but just issued me a new card. Especially when I had just had my card changed for a new address three months before so why they didn't do it then..... So I claimed this time round. As to a living wage yes I do get a very good wage. But in my circumstances at this time things are tight. The Navy is about to send me LFS and it is going to cost a lot of money to move my family - within two years of my last family move and all the costs that it involves.

    But enough as I am coming across as the sort of person I don't like very much. So I bow out and accept my bashing with the grace I should always have. Etc.
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  17. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    You need to re-name yourself Pink_Angel, I think you're great!! Do you buy clothes in second hand shops too, plant potatoes in your window boxes and collect road kill (mmm, badger stew lovely)? Its a shame they use franking machines so much now, you must miss steaming off stamps trying to reuse them.

    However I suspect other people reading your drivel will wonder which singularity you're living within. I find it difficult to understand how you can equate people claiming back actual living expenses to those of the politicians acts. Guns doesn't even have ducks! No one is talking about fleecing the system here, they are talking about recovering expenses that they incur because HMG wants them to be able to conduct a task. I have people working for me that didn't drive, didn't want to drive but I needed them to be able to hence now will claim back the very fee the OP brought up.

    There is no way that I would send any of my people off all over the UK and overseas, to meetings and to conducts taskings and expect them to shoulder any of the expenses themselves. What an inane suggestion - and as for your considerate thoughts on accommodation, thats just bloody common sense, if you are staying somewhere near service accommodation and there is capacity then you should use it.

    You might need to read your own allowances rules again, I believe you'll find your entitlement to first class travel of any form was rescinded quite some time ago. I work with a lot of SCS1 and SCS2 and they're still bleating about the lack of first class travel (because they're important! which is why we pay them so much ;-) ), so you must be a 3* or way above if you are still entitled, and if that is the case then you get paid enough!

    By the way, there isn't anything stopping you working on a train either - you don't need a DII laptop, Blackberry or have to be wafting TS papers around in a First Class Carriage. You could just read and make notes - old fashioned values, common sense and all that! I assume you just snooze, drivel and dream of planting marrows or crack on with knitting another jumper from cat/human/dog hair for your other half. Fair one you are a CS after all.

    Chin chin
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  18. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    <shakes head>

    Bugger now look what I've done.

  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes, its ALL your fault! Bad bad boy!
  20. Blimey. You go on a run ashore for an evening and miss it all!

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