recipe for goffer?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stuart, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Not sure where to post this, hope it's appropriate. My father is an ex WW2 navy man. Right now he's in a hospice in the final stages of a terminal illness, and he just said he's "dying for some goffer". I doubt if anyone can help (it's got to be real goffer), but just in case..... Thanks.
  2. Not sure what it was in your Dads day but a goffer is nowadays used as a term for soft drinks in a can, Coke, Fanta etc.

    Perhaps in his day it was a term for Pussers Limers or Screech.
  3. Or maybe he knows where the spare key to the 'beer fridge' is??

    And a wet is tea, coffee etc.
  4. Just spoke to the old man, he says that 'goffa' was a term he knew in WW2 for a softie, but that it was also a term for a largish wave hitting the ship.
    I also knew it as a term for being punched by someone ie "being goffa'd"
  5. Hi Stuart,

    I am sorry to read about your dad. Try the following contacts below:-

    1) The Imperial War Museum Department of Books

    2) Royal Naval Museum Research Service

    The RNM service normally takes 4 weeks but I suggest ringing them up and explaining the circumstances and I am sure they will prioritise your query. If you still have no luck PM me & I will try to find out for you.

    Best of luck,

  6. Lime cordial might be the best bet.
  7. I'm with Shakey on this mate. In my day, goffa as served in a hot steamy engine room consisted of pussers lime powder, cold water and lashings of ice. It had to be strong and very very cold.

    Oh and incidentally, it was a great laxative too
  8. In my youth a goffa was a glass of, normally orange, squash dispensed in return for 2 old pence from the canteen by the NAFFI damager. I think the normal brand was Kiora then.

    Best wishes for you Dad, I know these are hard times, my mother died of cancer earlier this year.

  9. Me being stupid could have put brain into gear and told you that before lol However, I didn't think he'd be asking for a large wave to hit him for some reason :wink:
  10. True, but it was only an extra bit of info that 'goffa/goffer' had different meanings - I did forget that a goffa was also someone who knocked little white balls around the countryside and sandholes too :lol:

    But lets hope this chap got what he was asking for.:)
  11. Thanks a lot for the advice, guys. For the moment we're looking at Shakey and Cheeftiff's idea (my dad was in the engine room of HMS Tintagel Castle). We've tracked down a store selling Pusser's stuff. If they don't stock the lime powder, we might just go for the rum!
  12. I've only been out a dogwatch & that's the stuff. I wonder if the lads still mix it, put it in a 5 gallon barrell & have it on tap. Wonderfull for cleaning the Engine room plates. Wonderfull for cleaning you out.
    Father famine used to issue it 'free' above a certain outside temperature, otherwise he had to pay for it himself, like Jack Dusty's pay for all stores of course.
  13. Its still available in Ration packs,try an Army Surplus store,youre after Lemon drink Crystals.
  14. The Goffa bar on Eagle 57 was at the naafi it was like a soda fountain machine,Limers if i recollect was only served in Tropical Climates,in great big vats and blocks of ice.Dont recollect getting Limers in Home Waters.
  15. Stuart , definately go for the limers :p
  16. Stuart, don't give him Lime cordial, it's definitely not what he fancies. (Unless he had it in the wardroom with his gin!)
    "Limers" was actually lemon crystals (like old-fashioned sherbert) mixed with water and ice, not a trace of lime in it.
    A goffa was usually orange squash. but it was the generic term for any other soft drink too.
    Good luck.

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