Recieved my joining date.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GeoRock93, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. I have received my joining date into the RN as an ME. My joining date into HMS Raleigh is 4th December 2011.

    I have been a Sea Cadet for 6 years and I am a qualified Drill Instructor.
    I am only 17 at the moment but will be 18 by the time I join up.

    I have got lots of advice from service members and ex-service members, but I was wondering if there are any tips/advice people on here could give me about HMS Raleigh and my Phase 2 at HMS Sultan.

    Many thanks, GeoRock93.
  2. As said many times before, ears open, eyes open, gob shut and be the quiet one!
  3. Tell the Parade Staff that your a Sea Cadet Qualified Drill Instructor and that they are doing it wrong. They will love this and perhaps let you take the class yourself.
  4. What he said. He is old so he knows the score ;-)
  5. Make sure you've got a decent iron, oh & always call the Master-at-Arms 'Chief', they do like it!
  6. And call the PT Staff "Clubz" because they secretly hate being called "Staff"
  7. Hmm I doubt that very much Yamyamdabber! I maybe confident will drill but I'm definitely not going to tell the parade & ceremonial staff that! Not if I want to keep my head anyway!
  8. But thanks for the advice ;)
  9. You joke about the whole parade ground thing, but we had a sea cadet in our prnc who took the class around the drill square, what a knob he was!
  10. I don't plan to be a knob about past experiences, nor to be big headed, if someone asks or the right opportunity arises then I'll let people know but until then, I'll be keeping my head down :)

    I'll stick with calling PT Staff, 'Staff' just in case ;) Also, I'll go with calling the Master-at-arms 'Rat Catcher', I'm sure he'll love that! :)
  11. Congrats on getting your join date Geo. Hope it all goes well for you. C
  12. Thank you McSkimp :)
  13. They nearly all are.
  14. Oi, I was a sea cadet!! errrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeah, fair one.
  15. Congratulations on receiving your start date and I hope it all goes well, however, I'm quite sure nobody will ask and certainly do not wait for 'the right opportunity' to tell all about your past experiences. I reckon the Grey Man is the secret to all HM's forces courses. You can still be the best in your class without standing out. So, don't be first, don't be last, never be late, shut up, listen and, above all else, keep your sense of will be tested :)
  16. Well done on getting a date you can use your drill skills to help your team mates who are struggling with it come up to standard. Your team mates can then help you with anything you struggle with too aswell. Just don't go boasting about your six years in the sea cadets which is basically a youth/sports club in fancy dress with a splash of naval ceremony, it's nowhere near actually serving in the RN. Work hard, listen and be a good recruit because of your team player skills and maturity gained from sea cadets. Don't be ignorant enough to think you're a good recruit because you were a sea cadet, because the liklihood is you won't be.

    You never know we may be in the same course see you there if you are.

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