Recieved my Application today


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Went for AET.

The booklet I got with the application said there would be 2 tests? Is this correct as I was under the impression that there would only be 1 test after speaking to the AFCO.

I'm not too fussed obviously, but would be nice to have a heads up.

Also, what should I revise for the second test? As the information booklet explains nothing in general. I really don't want to mess this opportunity up due to lack of revision on my part.

Any help would be great.

Thanks, Ben
When I did it the test was in three part, English Maths and Mechanical Comprehension (a bit like physics really). They normally give you a few sample questions so ask the AFCO if they forgot.


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Sorry, I didn't explain clearly.

I meant that there was 2 sets of tests.

1 which contains the mandatory aptitude test and another which contained something else which was not made clear.

Thanks, Ben


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There used to be a second Mathematics test for AET (Same as the Artificer maths test) until 2005- you had to score 13 Correct from 40 questions in 15 minutes. You will be reassured to hear you now only have to pass the one, multiple choice test (Reasoning/Literature/Numeracy & Mechanical Comprehension).

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