Recent Problems with Rum Ration

Bad CO

I'm sure all regular users of Rum Ration will have noticed that there has been considerable disruption of late. Specifically the site has been down for periods of time and other parts don't appear to be functioning as normally advertised. We completely understand that this can be extremely frustrating for you and apologise but we are doing it for excellent reasons.

Up until now Rum Ration (& Rear Party) have shared the same web server and database server as ARRSE. All our sites are becoming ever more popular which has significantly increased the server loads leading to increasingly common 'site blackouts' which would just get worse if not tackled. As a preemptive measure we have purchased two new servers (a cool £3500 ....) and are slowly migrating RR & RP to one of them (In case you are wondering the other is a back up one). In itself this is a non-trivial task but we are also using the opportunity to carry out a whole load of overdue maintenance which should improve things in the long run. What this means is that there is a considerable amount of short term disturbance which will result in a much faster Rum Ration with scope to expand further.

Due to my non-availability (family Xmas, etc) the vast majority of this work has fallen on GCO who has spent a considerable amount of time on the task. Neither of us are anywhere near IT professionals (self taught largely) so this process can be incredibly frustrating as we often make mistakes and can't figure out why. I'd therefore request that you all be patient whilst we get things sorted ...... hopefully there isn't that much longer to go.


War Hero
Yes ok ,,,so we all moaned but in the long run we will all appreciate what your doing for our second home........

So many many thanks in advance...
(oh and kisses too!!!)

Bad CO

Cheers guys. I think that we have now finished all Rum Ration admin for a while. Its now 100% working (including email) and seems much more responsive so hopefully it will offer a better browsing experience.

On another note it looks as though Rum Ration will top nearly 6 million hits for the year. Needless to say we're pretty chuffed with that and believe that RR is now by far the most popular unofficial RN/RM site on the web.
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