receiving your dolphins

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by hohohoey, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. can any give me any information about what happens whan you receive your dolphins? also what happens after that? thanks mike..
  2. A v. charming submariner was telling me recently about the tradition of getting your dolphins in a glass of rum, drinking the rum and catching them in your teeth.
  3. You walk into the bun run as a quaking Part 3. Stand in front of Harry J Skips, accept the glass of rum (containing real gold dolphins) neck glass, catching dolphins in teeth unlike those prats that make the Press for chokng, and exit the bun run a demi god, or at least one of a fairy exclusive club.

    PS, there is loads about this written aleady -go backand look :wink:
  4. What would you like to happen?
    I got my dolphins pinned 'em on my blue suit(s) hung suit back up in wardrobe and carried on about my business!
  5. i was just wondering if its after that when you join a sub or do u join before you receice your dolphins? do you have to have your dolphins to go away on a deployment?
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    What about the hetero-sexual sun-dodgers?
  7. 1) Volunteer or get drafted into boats.
    2) Go to Submarine school (where ever this is these days)
    3) Do Part one training ie submarine course allied to the type of submarine you are to be drafted to. General submarine course.
    4) Do Part two training. Training allied to your trade. So Ping bosuns go off and learn how to listen to fishy noises etc, Greenies go off and learn how to fix things electrical in a submarine, stokie boys go off and learn how to fix mechanicl things on a submarine etc.
    5) Join a submarine and do Part three training. Learn all about your submarine thats all the systems, etc that make your new submarine go.
    5) At the end of this period or when you are ready and you have completed your Part three book you will be examined to see if you have learnt enough to be let loose alone on your new submarine.
    6) If the XO is happy with what you told him during your Part three you will get given a set of Dolphins and you will then be classed as a submariner.
    Bon chance sprog!!

  8. Oooooooops :oops:

  9. During this time, you are allowed into the mess only during meal times. No DVDs, no reading books, other than SOPs etc. If seen not actively doing your Pt 3, a kick in the arse. You may be allowed a couple of hours sleep at times.
    Then, when qualified Pt 3, the training for your watch-keeping position takes place. Then, if you leave the boat and go to another, it begins all over again, only this time they call it BSQ. No pressure this time........

    Simples :lol:
  10. So how long should Part 3 take?

  11. the life of a submariner is one constant exam...for fluks sake

  12. Oh so true.............
    Part 3
    Promotion Boards

    Oh yes, and the book keeping course at Raleigh so you can count all that cash! :D

    Sorry, but had to get that one in :lol:
  13. Its called SMQ wet nowadays...and forms part of the whole package - the remainder being SMQ dry - the whole lot should take no longer than 18 weeks
  14. Thanks.

  15. What I really mean is you have 18 weeks to complete the training (SMQ dry and SMQ Wet).
  16. so it roughly takes 3years from raleigh to gain your dolphins?
  17. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    No, if it does your a leg-iron or a spaz who has been medically downgraded.
  18. Your maths is way out. Have you actually been to an AFCO yet?

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