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Reccurrent back pain

Hi guys, im ex army been out about 5 years now however i tried to join the raf last year, i know i know i wasnt thinking straight. Anyhow i failed the medical before i even turned up due to what they called recurrent back pain, basically in 2010 i had a bit of a nasty car crash and like an idiot never said anything and went to kenya for 6 weeks to play war, once i got back from kenya i was in agony and ended up downgraded for 6 months having rehab and physio and have been symptom free for 6 years now. I even continued to serve another year or so in the army with it, i really miss military life and would love to join the navy and make a career out of it i have applied what are the chances of me failing the medical again due to the same thing? Sorry for the drawn out message guys.

Thanks mansfieldmagic
If you are six years clear, there is no ongoing treament or medication, you've had no time off due to backache & your civilian medical record is clean as a whistle, then give it a crack.

Could go either way, but only one way to find out for sure.

Good luck.
Cheers ninja, i never once visited my civilian gp so that will be all clear, i spoke to my local afco today and ive got to take my discharge certificates down and get the ball rolling so fingers crossed
The only reason the crabs rejected you for back pain is it may cause hassle when they graft the mattress on to your back during RAF basic.

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