Reccomendations for a half decent Jacket?

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Matt_89, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. I'm looking for a half decent, reasonably priced, outdoors jacket, preferably with a zip in fleece combined. Would like it to be breathable for running in etc, and zip in fleece to keep me warm at work or longer walks etc. I was wondering if any of your outdoors aficionados have any reccomendations.


  2. Montane extreme or buffalo. Both single layer,no good for warm days but ok soon as its cold,they are just too warm for summer
  3. Regatta do a pretty inexpensive one. Found them to be practical, waterproof, and have a detatchable lining. If you need something for more arduous outdoor work/play then PM Stix. The Royals are the lead experts.
  4. The Montane extreme looks like an excellent jacket, and I might think about one for some more Winter cold outdoorsy activities, but living here just outside London it's never that cold really. I was thinking about something with a detatchable lining to wear just as a waterproof as well.

    Thanks for the Replies though lads.
  5. Yea I was in Cotswolds yesterday and already own quite a bit of Berghaus gear, was looking at an RG 3in1 might not be the most breathable etc but should do for my needs and relatively inexpensive. Do you lot think it is worth forking out a bit extra, the RG3in1 comes in at about £120, for something a bit more breathable etc in their range?

    Cheers, Matt
  6. Not sure if its exactly what you after but Paramo do a very good range of jackets for all types of conditions. I have has several breathable jackets that claim to do the job but once in the hills for a few days they are utter shite.

    Tried the rest, now try the best!!
  7. I find a Norfolk jacket in tweed, made for my dad in the late 1950s (it cost around £30 then....) still excellent. :biggrin:

    Warm, hard wearing, and even keeps you warm when wet and windy.... unlike those fleecy things.

    You can also buy ready made ones for considerably less than their current bespoke price:

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