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Just a quick one, first time on here from Arrse so just checking some threads.
I'm looking to try out for the corps in the new year. I'm currently a LCpl in the Rifles serving in recce. I was just wondering if passing CTCRM how long do you generally have to serve in a cdo before being able to try out for the recce operator cadre? Also, is 3 Cdo Bde BRF entirely ML's?


Fear not, this isn't a wah and I'm not an airsofter ;-)



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When I was in you could pretty much go on the next available course if permitted. Don't take my word for it as I've been out side for a couple of years now and things might of changed.
RO is listed as a SQ, so I would presume at least one draft as a GD before applying.

BRF has, at least, attached arms from 24 and 29 Cdo, as well as a whole host of ROs. There aren't enough MLs to make up the force!

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