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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by chris, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. hi all,
    i was just wondering about the requirements for recce operators and mountain leaders, mainly sight wise.

    i can find any info about sight requirements for these two...which kind of suggests that any serving marine with enough skill etc to do these specialisations can go down that road, but i wanted to check.

    im hoping to apply for the marines shortly, once iv just got my fitness to exactly where i want it and iv sorted out some stuff.

    iv tried AFCO etc but the people on the end of the phone dont seem to know anything thats not on the website or in the booklets.

    i searched here too and i couldnt find anything like that...

    im hoping to go into these as i enjoy cold weather (good job, living in england n all), climbing and all that shit, and iv been doing sports and running since i was very young, and although i lost a lot of fitness a year ago due to injury, i still can improve my CV fitness very quickly, so id have a good shot at mountain leader if i were to spend 6 months or so on top of commando duties training, but the shite thing is that im S3 vision, and if S1 is required then im buggered really.
    iv had people say do laser eye and all that but im only just 17, which means i have to wait a year before anywhere will give it to me, and then another 12 months before the marines will let me sign up.
    and there is no way im spending two years doing nothing much at all.

    thanks, and sorry for the bloody long post...
  2. Mate your not reading the posts it's a Royal Marine not a marine :lol: :lol:
  3. i know that.
    i was asking because i cant find the info about it.

    for a start, for such a tough length of training to go into the mountain leaders, i would want to be working on my fitness for a while, which means i need to know in advance of actually doing the training.

    secondly, i dont think i did anything wrong asking. i wasnt saying "oh god, im gunna join up and then 5 minutes later specialise in super spy regiment".
    seen as it is going to be a career for me (i hope), im just seeing where i could go.

    when you join a civvy job you make sure you can go somewhere, and have a chance of doing different things.
    just like if you found out that after 2 years all you could do was become a clerk, most people would not be happy at all.
  4. Hello Chris

    I would say that NZ bootneck has it pretty sewn up for you there mate. the main thing is to get through the green lid course first before considering an SQ such BPT. You will also need to complete GD's for a few years first in order to show some form of eligibility. Dont forget that these are very sought after courses and you will be one amoung many who will want to get on it. Oh, and also there is also the need for you to pass the junior command course. if you excel in these then good luck to you. As for the eyesight issue, good luck with that mate

  5. Correct NZ_BOOTNECK told it has it is.

    What I would say to you young man is!!!!

    Do not for one minute if you get as far as an interview on why you would like to "TRY" to become a Royal Marine say.


    Like others before you best if you brush up on the Queens English first.

    Unless the required type has changed it used to be of good character for those wishing to become a Royal Marine. CLIMBING AND ALL THAT SHIT is not the way to state why you would like to join the Royal Marines.

    And do remember there are lots and lots of miles to walk on ceremonial before you start at Lympstone Holiday Camp by the sea. Having your boots throw at the wall and being told you are a Jodrell Banker for not having the reflection desired is so nice. And I do not think for one minute it has changed.

    May I suggest RMR to break you in gradual.
  6. See you in London then....

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