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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mattbea, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Hey there everybody, just wondering here if anybody might know if you can rebook interviews? I have one next week but I would rather do my interview if possible once Ive sorted out my debt problems and as well as that I still need to sort an opticians booking out which I will be honest here... I have not got the money to get the bus or any other way as far as I know before my Navy interview date, my parents usually will help out until I do get money every fortnight but only for travel to say the afco.. I have tried to explain this opticians booking is quite important too but they wont listen, do any of you know if my afco may rebook it all for me when things are a bit better?
  2. forget it, I dont think Ill do it... Ill just go and crack on and hope for the best
  3. You can certainly re-book your interview, Just ring your careers advisor at the AFCO and explain your reasons. You can re-book the opticians appointment yourself or get the AFCO to re-book it for you. If money is really short you could also ask the AFCO if they could help out with your travelling expenses, they might be able to pay for your transport or even pick you up if you ask them nicely that is.

    The staff at the AFCO will understand so don't worry about it

    Hope it all goes well


  4. I finally got chance now to get a lift thursday and Ive got an appointment with opticians so thank god for that!! I can only try my best to get in

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