Reason nobody is joining up

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Money!

    You get twelve grand as a recruit in training. That's pathetic consiering how sh!t life as a nod is. And about sixteen grand when you pass training. Again, sh!t for what you have to do.

    Personally I couldn't give a frig about the queen or this country. I want money in my pocket and expect to be paid accordingly. If the army and marines don't start paying it's combat soldiers better, nobody will bother joining because what is in it for them?
  2. Then why is it undermanned? There may be a waiting list for people wanting to start training. But people soon realise life in the corps is shit and either opt out or leave asap.
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  9. Can i ask you something Nails?

    Are you going into the Royal Marines? or are you asking stupid questions because you couldnt hack the training?

    what a idiot
  10. There is a lengthy waiting list to get in the Corps and apparently recruitment figures have not been this good for a long time.

    Good news really. Maybe its inherent of the credit crunch. I don't know, but it is good news. :)



  11. erm nope
  12. I have recently just got out, there may be a wating list to join up but what about the amount of people passing out, i did just over 8 years and all through out my time we have always been undermanned, hence people doing trades they dont want to do and this has a knock on effect on other things such as SF.
    It is good people wanting to become a marine but i think some people want the glory but dont realise what must be over come to get there.
  13. Nods only get £12K a year. That's approximately 2.5 times what your MP can claim annually for food.

    Outraged of Bedlam
  14. Get a grip!
    Yes 12k isn't a lot of money, but living expenses are highly subsidised as well and the opportunities far outweigh the costs.
    I don't know about you, but for me and i hope for a lot of others, it isn't all about the money. There a sense of pride as well about doing something important with your life.
    I do "give a frig" about the queen and this country. if all you want out of the job is money in your back pocket, then it really isn't for you!
    next time if you want your own little rant, fair enough, but don't assume it's everyone else's view.
    That's my little rant over. probably sounds horrifically pompous, but that's my thoughts on it.
  15. After all this time Nails still succeeds in getting a bite. I'm ashamed of you all.....
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  17. Seriously, oh dear god... that would be remotely amusing CA if i thought you were joking but i'm pretty sure you aren't. 8O
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    Women, York, shopping and a lack of pub time seem to be the problem.

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