Rear Admiral Jozef Bartosik

Discussion in 'History' started by jesse, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Any one served under Polish officer Jozef Bartosik and got any dits about him? I came across him when he was Captain F of he Fith Frigate Squdron Far East when he gave me a kit muster for long hair on his inspection of H.M.S.Tenby in Singapore. He crossed the bar about 18 months ago. In his retirement at Moreton in Marsh Glos. my sister in law worked for him as his p.a. He was a tyrant of the first order who once placed his jimmy under close arrest for standing up to him. I also believe that he terrorised H.M. S.Seahawk when he was skipper there. Most would have more reason to hate him than love him, but as I've said any dits about the old so and so?
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Try my series of dits on RRPedia about my time in HMS London.

    At Seahawk I understand he had a radio in his official car so that he could listen to what was going on and dish out bollockings based on what he had heard.

    Chum of mine in Scarborough when Joe was Captain (F) said the reign of terror was such that warts on his (my chum's, not Joe's) hands disappeared before some treatment he had lined up was available.

    See also the RR obits thread for links to his and Mike Henry's Times & Telegraph obits. Mike was sent to London as the Cdr under Joe at Christmas 1964.
  3. Bartosik was CO at Culdrose in 61 when I was on 700H waiting for the DLG Devonshires Wessex 1 to be delivered, as Devonshire was the first DLG Bartosik used to blunder into our crewroom on the airfield telling us how "vonderfull ve vere for combating de Russian submarine menace" What the old fool didn't know was that we had restrictions on the engine that stopped us from flying over the sea for six months. There was a seperate part of the field that had six hangars and living accomodation that that was used by the crabs at ATDU "Aerial Torpedo Development Unit", and was known as TLS "Technical Living Site" When the crabs moved out and thier Brigands were put on the scrap dump, Bartosik made the command order to call it HMS Seahawk II, so he could have two ships under his command, what a ******.
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    MODs pse delete huffnut's post, it's Norman back again from fairyland.
  5. Seaweed....MODs pse delete huffnut's post, it's Norman back again from fairyland.

    Seaweed, you are scared of what you don't know, from your silly posts you think all grunters can do no wrong and all hands are stupid, wrong, when you grow up you will realise that you can have good grunters and also good hands and also the opposite. Why would you want a post deleted that is the truth, just because you don't like what it says, and this happend years ago, keep yourself in the wardroom and you will only know the navy you are brainwashed to understand, Here is something that will get you bleating to the mods again.

    Nelson........."England knows Lady Hamilton is a virgin, cut my arm offand poke my eye out if I am wrong.
  6. Can I ask you why?

    And explain if you will, what is wrong with his post?
  7. When it comes to making obscene remarks about members of the Service who have crossed the bar, particularly those decorated for gallantry, I suggest we observe the dictum "De mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est".
  8. Agree. The tide needs to ebb and flow for some time yet.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    For JCB as 1st Lt of HMS Loch Scavaig, see 'The Bosun's Call' by Hugh Willis, Pentland Press Ltd, 1999.
  10. NG, Obscene remarks ?, your friend Joe would not have understood this, the way he treated all that was a lesser rank than himself, decorated for gallantry, we all know that some deserve to be decorated and some do not, after the war why did'nt Joe go back to his own country (Poland) after liberation from the Germans, instead he remained in England as a navy officer to terrorise any one who came in his vicinity. The Poles did not want him back, why did the royal navy want him as one of thier wonder boys?
  11. This statement seems most odd, when you are decrying others for stating an opinion.
  12. Bollox - perhaps Joe was a little bit wiser than some in knowing what the Polish (Russian) Government had in mind for those who fought for Poland and the Allies instead of Mother Russia. Numerous Poles settled in Guzz after WWII because they didn't wan't to go back to a Communist Poland - see the turn out at the Polish Naval War Memorial every year. It wasn't that the Poles didn't want him, Joe didn't want a Communist Poland.
    As for his eccentricities, never met the man, but have still got a lot of respect for what he did during WWII - cut the bloke a bit of slack, FFS.
  13. I never served with Polish Joe,but a fellow wafu on hmslondon"s ships flight said he was strict but fair, his officers were scared of him however.
    He used to speak to the troops by telling them to gazzer round. I believe that he was one of the few ex polish naval officers to be allowed to transfer to the RN at the end of the war, dropping in rank from captain to lieutenant.
    Their Lordships must have been impressed by him.
  14. Indeed, Joe Bartosik would have been extremely aware of the sort of treatment nationalistic Polish officers could expect from the Soviets:

    Katyn massacre
  15. I did serve on London, from build to mid '66. He was strict and, as far as I was aware, fair. He also had a tight rein on the Senior Rates
    I recall being ordered to 'dress' the dieso barrels, from the left of the donkey boiler, on the Stores Jetty in Singers, and not to make smoke. It was a steam atomiser boiler and a pig-of-a-thing
    I also recall being being told by him, at Requestmen, that I was very well turned out in my 10A's. No small award from a man who was known as a 'fastidious dresser'
    I would have felt OK going into battle with him

    We did lose a gentleman of a Jossman for his naughties. He was replaced by the Devils' Ba*tard Son

    Old ships, old navy, nowadays anyway
  16. I heard the tale about the jossman, my oppo reckoned that as he marched down the centre passage of the ship, people used to clear out of his way, it was just like the parting of the Red Sea!!

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