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I applied for Warfare Officer back in 2015. Passed through to AIB which I attended in December 2016. At AIB I was not forwarded for selection but should told to try again in 18 months, and the feedback I got was that I had been too assertive during planex and not assertive enough during the leadership test.

Hearing the board president tell me that I was not being forwarded was absolutely gutting and my first real taste of failure. Since then I have been back to university and will be graduating with my MA in December, and I've spent 2 months working in China. I've given the whole thing a hell of a lot of thought since then and you know what? Its still the path I want my life to take. I have recently restarted my application for the same role and am waiting to be contacted by my new AFCO.

Becoming a naval officer and specifically a warfare officer has been my dream since I was ~14 and I really don't want to mess it up this time.

Anyone have any tips or advice? Anyone else gone through AIB more than once?
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Be aware National Security Vetting will require full details/addresses of places where you stayed whilst in China, ideally a police check print-out (or written declaration that you did not tangle with the fuzz and understand withholding information can cause SC to be revoked) & employer references to enable a residency waiver when gaining security clearance.

You'll need to re-sit the recruit test, medical, PJFT & career discussion. Be aware AIB has changed a bit since 2015/16 - you'll be briefed by your ACLO. It's probably worth bearing in mind that an 18 month knock-back at AIB is significant however I very much doubt they still have a record of your AIB report.

Best o'luck with the application process this time around.

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