Reapplying after unsuccessful attempt

Hi everyone. I'm new to Navy Net so go easy.
I applied for the RFA Seamanship apprenticeship, unfortunately I didn't make it through the SIFT process (I found out last week, Feb 2020).
My backup was for the engineering apprenticeship, would anything hold me back from applying right away. I only ask as I cannot find any information saying that I can't. I believe that I know where and how I failed, therefore how I can work towards a more successful application (I hope).

Many Thanks


For some roles you have to wait 6 months or 2 years to reapply. However I personally have reapplied for another position right after rejecting my other application. So just go for it, they can only say no. Though be cautious as to whether your back up career is what you want as you will get quizzed about why you have gone for two roles in short space of time if you make it to interview. Also I heard that engineering sift is more competitive than seamanship. Please be aware that most people get rejected the first time. I believe this is a test to see if you genuinely want the role. There should be an instant message feature to message someone to find out where you can improve. My guess is though you just weren't in the top percentage this time round. All you can do is try to figure out the key words they are looking for in your supplementary form, look through the skills required for the role and incorporate them. Good luck with your next application.
Thank you for your reply.
I am fully expecting a quiz on why I changed, and the simple answer is I enjoy that side of things, alot of my past work experience is in engineering in one form or another. From diagnosing an issue right through to rectifying it, I find it satisfying. Hence why it's my back up. Also I am a careerist, so I want to join at an entry level and work bloody hard to earn any promotion given, without being too much of a jobsworth.
Unfortunately as soon as I got the rejection, I also lost the ability to send an instant message or email about the rejected role.
Ah well, another attempt maybe a third, just keep going until I either get a solid no, or an actual position


Same here applied for one branch got sifted out and immediately applied for the other branch and never looked back. Go for it.


I'm a Steward, every branch has its pros and cons give it some thought as we can't branch transfer, but I enjoy it.
Ah cool.
That's good to know. Yeah, before I put in for my first application I gave all some thought and came up with three branches I would like. 1 of which I can't due to qualifications (mine aren't recognised)

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