Really thinking about joining the RMR

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Neil.Larsen, May 18, 2008.

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  1. Ok a little introduction of myself - yeh time to fast foward for you I guess

    Im 18, 19 in august and from now till starting a college course in september I can do nothing but go for a job, but instead I've been looking into joining the TA (initially) for the lifestyle and experience that I wouldn't experience anywhere else outside the army.

    But I've just recently noticed the RMR, I have always wanted to be a royal marine since I was pretty young, but for some reason I didn't. And I don't want to join regular because I would feel guilty on the effect it would cause on my girlfriend.

    I understand it takes a hell of a lot of determination and guts to join the RM/RMR, but I really want this, I've done bugger-all (excuse the language) for the past year or so after finishing school and I just wanna prove something to myself and have self-discipline. Is it possible for me to go from sub-par fitness to being able to pass the RMR training within 4-5 months?

    This 4-5 months can be fully dedicated to fitness since like I said i'm not starting college till september. I'm 5'8 and 11.5stone, which doesn't really make my BMI too huge but my running is abysmal. I can barely do half a mile before having to stop!

    my upper body strengh is a fair bit better though, I do boxing and can do about 40-50 pressups, not impressive I know but deffinately not lagging as far behind as my running!

    I'm still in the stage of either joining the 266 cdo royal artillery battery (TA) in bristol or get fit enough for the RMR Bristol. In terms of determination for it, I've done nothing since I've left school really in terms of anything life changing so this will be a BIG turn-around. And would be a great tribute i think to my grandad who was a Royal Marine but unfortunately never had the fortune of meeting.

    Any info and tips will be welcome.
  2. 1. Understand about the girlfriend, but follow your own dreams, if you don't you will regret it later in life.

    2. Get thee to RMR Bristol presentation night asap, then Holding Troop! This, you won't regret. The RMR is a unique band of brothers, within the band of brothers that is the Corps. These days, you can transfer into the Regs later too, when you are fully trained, so you can do your colege course at the same time as RMR Phase 1, 2, 3 etc..

    3. Yes, that is enough time to get the basic fitness required for PRMC if you crack on. Ninja Stoker has a link on his signature to all the info you need. XRD will also give you some top advice as resident ex-RMR man god and phys monster! :thumright:

    Good luck! :thumright:
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Spot on!

    Here's a topical news item about the operational aspects of RMR Bristol

    Download a .pdf RMR Brochure HERE

    Links below for further detail on how to join & fitness requirements.

    Good luck.
  4. Thanks for the info!

    Will get cracking on from this monday then!
  6. Sorry XRD, I'm slightly confused with that.

    Are you saying 4-5 months isn't enough time to get ready but he should do it anyway?
    Or 4-5 months isn't enough for RMR but would be enough to start regular entry i.e. PRMC?

    Sorry if this is a bone question - head is slightly fried at the moment!
  7. Same Neil.Larsen as over on ARSSE? Sort your personal life out first mate.
  8. Yes its the same guy from arrse mate.

    I'm going to a TA unit in bristol in 2 days so i like that I'll sign up with them and get some experience and fitness under my belt and work my way up to the commando course ( the TA unit do that too). Then I'll think about switching over to the RMR knowing that my fitness is up to it.

    Something to really work for then! looking forward to the challenge.

    Just to clarify you're saying it'll take 18months + of fitness training at home before I shoudl even apply for the RMR?
  9. I'm currently choosing whether to apply for the Royal Navy as a warfare officer or for the Royal Marines as an officer. Anyone got any advice? I want something where I can push myself to the limit, have a good crack with the lads, make a difference and travel. Are the Navy as close as the Marines, or is it different? Also is the Navy an exciting life-style? Any advice would be appreciated,

    Nice one, keep up the good work
  10. Not a bone question whatsoever. I was under the impression that the lad posting was asking whether he could join the RMR and then get through training from start to finish in 4-5 months. My reply to this was that it is absolutely impossible due to the nature of the course.

    However. If his question actually meant was it possible to get fit in 4-5 months and then join the RMR with some basic level of fitness then yes it is possible as holding troop will give you an idea of the standards of fitness you need to be at for the phase 1 course.

    Hope that clears it up :thumright:
  11. Thanks very much for the clarification mate! My question was to the latter :)

    I'm gonna have to decide whether I want to join the TA ( I could start as soon as tuesday) Or wait out for the RMR recruitment and obviously need time to get fit enough for it.

    Anyone have any first hand experience on RMR Bristol btw? I hope to go there on the first wednesday in june for the presentation
  12. If the TA Unit you are going to join is a Commando Unit, you will need to build up your fitness anyhoo.
    Check out both options, don't sign on the dotted line with the TA after 1 night. Have a skeg at RMR Bristol as well.
    Whichever path you choose you must be aware that it will take a long time before you're fully trained (AS XRD has said at least 18 months from go to whoa with the RMR. Probably similar for the TA Unit.).
    You should also be awre that you will be required to be away/attend Training at the weekend, that you will be doing fitness training in your own time and that you will be pretty knackered the rest of the time.
    Your GF will need to be understanding and supportive if you are to successfully complete either option.
    Do you think she will be happy or will she have a sad on every time you can't do something she wants to do because you have Training?
    I'm not having a pop at you or your GF, but she must be aware that you will be committing yourself to a very long and intensive course.
    Good luck.
  13. Well said, but you forgot to ask for pics of the girlfriend in various states of undress. Only in order to advise him better you understand. ^_^;
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A valid point, without such evidence the thread will find it difficult to proceed much further.
  15. Yeh I'm gonna drop by the TA unit tomorrow and If none of the roles they train interest me as much as I thought then I'll deffinately give the RMR a look during presentation.

    I've asked her if she'd be ok with that taking into account the fact training is every other weekend and wednesday evening and she said maybe, so yeh. But her fear is that I'll be deployed and get killed. But life without risks is boring and dull and I'm hoping with the relevant training from either 2 I'll be able to deal with tours etc.

    One question I do have about the RMR though is that is all the roles frontline infantry? I am starting to have a much bigger interest in infantry now ( I was originally interested in an Armourer or Signaller trade) Because I think If I'm going to be serving in the RMR I'm going to want to get a good experience of it.

    One role that I'm particularly interested in is the Weapons specialist role, and If I'm dreaming, the Sniper as well heh

    P.S As requested, A picture of my beautiful girlfriend
  16. bloody hell she is a keeper mate. is she related to this chick?

    im at college and due to the amount of coursework i have had since xmas i have had to put my training on hold till i can go back hopefully in the summer some time, but my GF is totaly cool with the whole RMR thing but i just say polite words to this affect, im doing it wether you like it or not, and if she really cares and she is worth holding on to she will be totally supportive, just ask any of the older bootnecks who have wives.

    i think she is
  17. forget about that random " i think she is" at the bottom that was meant for msn
  18. Come off it CR, if you like the more mature woman admit it. Older birds need lovin' too and she looks like she'd give you a good 'gumming'. :thumright:

    Neil.Larsen, you would probably be expected to serve as a General Duties (GD or Grav) Marine before being given the option of Trade Training, definately for Armourer, Signals may be a different matter as the Corps is always short.(Keep your interest in that to yourself or you may get what you wish for!).
    Keep us infromed.
  19. i do enjoy a good gumming once in a while
  20. I went to th 266 battery on tuesday, very friendly people etc and was pretty impressed. I WAS going to hand in my forms to them this tuesday coming, but I'm gonna wait out and have a look at the RMR presentation day.

    My fitness isn't the greatest AT THE MOMENT but I'm really hoping thats not gonna limit my choice

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