Really need help not sure what to do ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by flano, May 8, 2008.

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  1. Join as a submariner and hope i get a SNN boat

  2. Change to GS

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  1. I am currently entering as a ME (SM) however I am thinking of changing to GS as I don’t think I want to be stuck on a V boat for 3 months only to come back in the same place ( faslane )

    I know it looks obvious to do GS however I fascinated by the submarines and am just swayed more towards them but once again I want to see the world as am young and single and want to experience stuff before I settle down

    Any suggestions or help on my original quote about will I get to see the world if I was on a SSN boat?

    P.S what are my chances of getting on a SSN if I stick with my choice and become a ME (SM)
  2. Its much easier to go S/M as an ET(ME) straight out of the box, than it is after a few years. Bear in mind that they are completely different Navies.

    Go S/M, I'm sure the pay will help you not regret it.
  3. bit of a hard choice there mate but if your heart lies in subs then go for that, obviously you will see more of the world in GS but you need a career where you will be happy with your job and what your doing rather than where your doing it i think.
  4. Oh, I might be wrong but i'm sure that they are ALL SSN's these days :)
    Do you mean Patrol/Bombers ?
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The obvious advice is to speak with your careers adviser if you are not sure what to do.

    Under similar circumstances, I'd advise anyone that wasn't sure they wanted to be a submariner to join as General Service (GS). You can always volunteer to become a submariner later once you feel better informed. Once qualified you will still get the £5000 Golden hello & still get submarine pay.

    As it is, you cannot change trades after you have joined & would therefore have to leave and re-apply to join IF you are recommended (this can take months, sometimes up to two years if the Personnel Selection Officer makes it a pre-condition of re-entry). Whilst it is a longer wait to join as ET(ME) GS (6 months) it would still be quicker to join directly in this trade and make an informed choice later without a gap in employment and loss of income whilst you wait for permission to re-enter.
  6. DO NOT put yourself in that position its a pain in the arrse trust me
  7. Thanks everyone I think I will stick to my choice and become a submariner an just hope I get on an attack class as I really want to become a submariner am just drawn to them. If I get on an attack class boat I will still get to see some of the world so I have heard an if I get placed on a v boat ill just after take a lot of holidays

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