Really bad headaches after exercise, any ideas?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by builderbambi, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. After hard exercise, something like circuits or sprints I'm finding my self with really bad headaches never had them a few years ago when I used to exercise, I thought it would be dehydration, but I've been drinking loads ( also pissing loads though) any ideas? when I say bad head aches I do mean bad. Any help welcome.
  2. Go see the Vet
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

  4. Thought about that just trying make sure there is a problem before I go.
  5. Stop exercising!!!!! :?
  6. I lay down in a darked room untill any urge to exercise goes away and dont get headaches. If you are worried about any changes to your health SEE YOUR GP. ffs. :?
  7. It's an AIDS-induced stroke.
  8. Are you attractive by the way. It may assist me in deciding whether or not to help you.
  9. Doc first, but most likely it's high blood pressure from the high heart rate that comes about from sprint work. If you go above your lactate threshold, it is pretty stressful to the body and a lot of cortisol floods the bloodstream.
    That is assuming you don't have any underlying medical issues.

    But to the Doctor with you JUST in case would be my suggestion.
  10. Try drinking water instead of Brandy. I find Brandy can give me a headache even when i am not exercising!
  11. I had a similar issue when I lopped a large chunk of my thigh off whilst drunk and hacksawing a coconut in half. I let it bleed until I nearly passed out then went on a Navy Internet forum to ask complete strangers their professional medical opinion.

    Turns out I should have just gone to nhs direct after all.
  12. Older_Joiner - you have an incomplete understanding of physiology. Hypertension-induced headaches are rare, and are usually associated with systolic pressures of >220. Physically possible, but very unusual in an otherwise healthy young person. Your cortisol babble also is wrong - your body had a natural cortisol surge at 0400-0500. If what you said was correct then headaches would also occur at this time. A little knowledge is dangerous...

    Exercise-induced headaches are common, and can be innocent or more concerning. The big culprit is hydration. You say you drink enough, but make sure you're drinking isotonic fluids and nothing containing caffeine (eg tea, coffee, coke). If you're passing lots of urine it could mean you're adequately hydrated, but it could also be a sign of diabetes.

    Some people find head and neck massage helps these headaches - not sure of the science behind it but a massage is never a bad idea! Simple painkillers (paracetamol, ibuprofen) are also options.

    More concerning causes include heart disease and abnormal or bleeding vessels in the brain. Relatively rare. I'd still advise seeing your GP for a chat though. S/he could also dip your urine to check for diabetes - may as well nail that one on the head.

    I wouldn't bother with NHS Direct (or NHS Dire as we call it). Complete waste of time. If you need to see a doctor, then see a doctor.

    A doctor.
  13. Thanks for confirming my initial assessment Doc. :wink:
  14. Fair point.
    I should have left the cortisol remark out as it was inappropriate.

    On a side note not related to this topic now- Is a constantly high level of cortisol in the blood a sign of stress (which might be from disease, poor recovery from training etc)?
  15. Many thanks for the advise, will get it checked out, i might be making the mistake of only drinking plently while and after exercising, not before. Going in to gp to get checked out just to be sure, didnt know if it was a common problem that i didnt need to bother the doc about.
  16. Exercises always gave me a bad head ,Ocean Safari ,Highland Wedding,Stanavforant,and all those other exercises that got in the way off Jolly Jacks runs ashore

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