REALLY annoying adverts!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. That new Rice Crispys advert with that stupid lil girl and her mum trying to listen to the rice cripsys snap cracking and popping and the lil i just want to strangle when shes like " Mum thats pop" JUST FCUKING EAT IT INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO IT DUMB ARSE BITCH.
  2. Don't know abot annoying adverts but the septicus tankers really do take the Pish! My wife and I were going out for an anniversary meal at 19:00 at the Inn on the Green which is in New York. Just as we were leaving a Bond movie was just starting. When we got back at around 23:00 the feking movie was still running. I sat and watched about six minures of movie, then an average of approx. twelve minutes of bastard adverts. Mind you, some of them were better than the actual movie. Just remembered another wee snippet.
    I have just got in from a long trip offshore and was watching a bit of telly last night, when this advert for womens luxury soap came on. The .....
    HOOR...and I shit you not. :lol:
  3. Surely the frosties kid deserves a mention 'They're gonna taste great..' fcuk off and die tawt!
  4. 'HI!!!!! I"M BARRY SCOTT!!!!!…

    I really wish that twat would FOAD!!! :x
  5. NO.... for me its got to be..
    this is not jus food this is M&S food.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr those adverts go on and on and on and on.............grrrrrrrrrrrrrr get a life............
  6. Elephant Insurance
    Confused.con insurance

  7. I like the "Cif" ad...

    "you must get Cif (Sif)'s the best thing since sliced bread"...
    No thanks...don't want Sif..makes yer broach and earrings tingle!! Who the fcuk would come up with a name that's the same as a sexually transmitted disease??? :? :? :?
  8. Tv presenters who are pushed forward promoting any product!! Waiting for the Becks to start promoting shitehouse paper.

    Been a while since I finished work but what always amazed me was! The office staff where always supplied with none skid shitehouse paper and the shop floor[THE WORKERS]always had that stuff no matter how many sheets you used it never did the task it was supposed to.

    Vinny Jones promoting the RAC am I actually paying that Knob!

    Ditto with the Barry Scott crap who the feck is that knob obnoxious toe rag.

    Not forgetting one I viewed a while back. Buy her diamonds for Easter

    My ex wife once said.

  9. Those 'feminine hygeine' products that are pushed just when I'm just sitting down for a meal at home ... - haven't seen any about types of french letters for a man to use ... yet !! :wink:

    That Nadine Baggott (not a line/wrinkle in sight even when she moves her mouth) who pushes 'pentapeptides' for smoother skin, when she has had so much tightening of her skin through rat poison injections ...
  10. Has anyone seen that diamonds ad where the husband dishes out some tat to his wife who rewards him with 10 mins 'quality time'. So buy her diamonds, get a blowey, got it!
  11. And how about
    Ariel with Febreeze ad - you know the one - that annoying boy sniffs the sofa then puts boxers on his head and runs into a wall. Not funny!
  12. If she reads the other thread on this subject she just might do it for the good of her health!!!!

  13. How about the one for bog smelly with the bunch of birds who go round to their mates house to see a baby and one goes in the heads and sniffs the air to check it out. Shite, winds me up everytime! And the one with the talking crapper!
  14. The cheesy Picture loan adverts where the wife says " we would like to borrow £25,000 oh that less than we are paying now"
    Cue small print £25,000 over 180 months total payback £45,500.
    Do people believe and fall for this shit FFS!!!
  15. Well he went to Pompey Grammar, that explains a few things

    Read about him here…

  16. The way she describes the food, not sure whether to crack one off or not..... food porn.

    Dirty girl.
  17. There was an old yank ad I saw that I found a little odd....

    It was for "Camel" Cigarettes...Picture this:
    Woman in bar - lounge lizard sidles up to her and offers her a Lucky Strike fag from his packet of tabs.
    She shakes her head and sez (taking her own fags out of her handbag)
    "No thanks - (Lights her own tab)
    "I get more satisfaction from a CAMEL"

    Hooooo boy.
  18. the shelia's wheels, that tune does my f**kin head in, it's stuck in my head for hours after i've seen the advert
  19. "Josh --- Dad's found yer scooter. How much do we want??? 25000!!"
    "Josh --- Shut the fcuk up I'm trying to get us oot the shit on the phone"
    And the other one with the video camera in his face!!!

    geoff(ers) :?
  20. Any advert that promotes the latest JML completely 'kin useless invention.
    (Rubber Yard Brushes - Non-Skid dinner plate mats - Portable battery operated cat crap incinerators etc). Remember Ktel?

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