I have been drawn here as a result of a video I saw on Myspace of HMS Forward. Since seeing that I have spent a fair bit of time on the Royal Navy site looking into the RNR and have read quite a few posts in the RNR section on this site too.

In answer to what many of you have been saying about recruitment, I agree, I wasn't even aware that the UK had a Naval Reserve and up until a few weeks ago was making plans to apply for the TA......

Based on what I have seen I am now really keen to join the RNR instead ( I am semi-London based so would be HMS President?).

I just have a couple of questions which I have not seen in any other posts:

1)Does the reality of being in the RNR live up to the advertisements on the RN Website?? (I am honestly not asking anyone to say anything nasty about their unit or people but I have been told by a few serving TA bods that what it said on the Army site about being able to take part in masses of adventurous training was embellished a bit to get people through the door....)
2)Is there a RNR DVD similar to the one the TA send people giving a rundown of what each specialisation does?? (Will probably find this out when I visit an AFCO??)

Many thanks!!
London has two RNR's one HMS President is by Tower Bridge in central London, the other HMS Wildfire is at Northwood in North West London but near the M25, so it depends where you live as to which unit you go for. Also note that not all units have all specialisations.

Onto your questions:

1. The RNR is great, I very much doubt you would ever regret joining. There are frustrations and you can read all the moans on here to get a flavour. But all these guys still keep on going back. The talk of adventurous training is a difficult one, I personally have had loads of opportunities to take part in adventurous training but have in fact done relatively little as all my available holidays were taken up getting myself trained to do my Branch job. There are some lads at my unit (students and the like) who do quite a bit of adventurous training.

2. The RNR is too poor and too small to have all the gucci recruitment material that the TA have and so it is likely to be a brochure at the AFCO rather than a DVD.


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At the moment you can get five days paid for adventure training in the RNR.

Anything over this is unpaid.

I normally manage to get at least one week sailing in every year.


I've been told by colleagues, who've taken up adventurous training opportunities, that they've been allowed to take the opportunity, only if their PTPs have been properly utilised. Also, although they are entitled to five days adventure training, only three of them are paid for. Still good, when you consider that civvies pay for these perks.


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I love the RNR even though it frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.

I have made three of my best mates in the RNR.
The weekends that we get are generally very good, i just wish there was more of them.
The majority of the Operational Role Training is a very good experience.
If you have the time to do the adventurous training it is well worth while. Last year there was an opportunity to sail back two of the Joint Services Yachts from croatia, no pay as such except expenses which still makes it a worth while opportunity.

Unfortunately some units are restricting training due to financial restraints and getting paid is a pain in the arse.

The long and short of it is that the months before raleigh will bore you sh*tless because training is VERY limited due to lack of experience. After Raleigh the doors tend to be flung open to you and thats when the fun starts.
the more you put in, the more you will get out. Look at the bigger picture. Get to Raleigh and the rest is tops.


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I've often thought that if we wanted to, we could get people while they're keen, lay on some weekends in unit to cover the whole NE syllabus, and have people off to Raleigh in a month or so. But for the fact that security clearance takes forever.
Shakey said:
At the moment you can get five days paid for adventure training in the RNR.

Anything over this is unpaid.

I normally manage to get at least one week sailing in every year.

I think its only 2.5 days AT pay, but thats fine for a weekend climbing or whatever, if the units' AT Officer/organiser is any good then there are lots of opportunities to do sailing, skiing etc too, and also if theres enough people i think its possible to utilise the adventurous training centres around the UK and europe to undertake week long AT trips for £50 all inc.


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The RNR will be what you make it or what you want it to be after you have managed to get through the basic stuff.

If you have the time you can get lots done (paid or not) :?

The TA is more regimented than the RNR as we are laid back as i have worked with RNR & TA equilivants. my team call me by my first name and i will go out and socialise with them. The TA dont officers keep seperate from the squddie.

You will find when you join an initial great start then frustration as things drag on to Raleigh, then once you are in branch more opps will arise.

Come join up you will have fun :)

If you find you dont like it after raleigh you can always transfer to the TA. So you have nothing to loose


Loggies and shortly GSSR are in a cadre system; you are at the top of the pile 1 year in 3, liable for call up. I think the RFA96 only allows a maximum of 1 year in 3. If the thought of being mobilised puts you off, don't join.
This is not a yacht club or OTC. The more ready we are to be mobilised; the more seriously the regulars will take us.

TX now complete, can everyone who wants to nitpick form an orderly queue.