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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Go on - invent a new one. Give it a name, a format, put
    celebs in it etc. (The sicker, the better). Let your warped and
    vivid imaginations run wild.

    1st prize = Idea and format E-mailed to Channel 4 for possible
    production of pilot episode.

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  2. A Big Brother theme but with Gays and anti- gays, members of the black panther movement with the kkk and the Top Gear team doing the commentry, oh and not forgetting Katie Price as she is in every thing else nowadays.
  3. Instead of the wall, or I'm a celebrity, I suggest we bring the two together (kind of) with "I'm a cnut send me to the Guillotine."

    Various "celebs" wear silver spangly jumpsuits and are dumped in the jungle with no food or shelter. Each week they do tasks where the have to eat shit and are raped by Fijians whether they win or lose. You vote for your favourite two each week, the runner up in the weekly vote put their head on the block, are set alight and have to escape their shackles and put themselves out before the big slicy thing chops off their schwad.

    The winner is simply asphyxiated with their own intestines whilst being fisted up the ricker by twelve well trained Gorillas wearing Studded gauntlets., they are also given the option to carry out their own tracheotomy in order to survive, but even if they do this, we fcuk their new breathing hole right in with a stick.

    This continues until there are no celebrities left in the world.

    I'd watch it.
  4. Good idea, but just use service personnel. See how long it takes before the matelot's start stealing all the beer and swamping over all the seats and beds. Watch the booties get naked and kick off. Pongo's get relegated to the garden for not dhobying. And the crabs, well, the crabs will just hide in the corner and cry about being bullied. Fannies.

    Fun for all the family.

    Pro forces too!
  5. It's a winner, it needs expanding to include the emergency services too. The Fire Bobby's would walk out early, claiming they can't be arsed as they're not being paid enough, leaving us to do their part. The coppers would hang around in groups, waiting for someone to look at them funny with hands in pockets whilst alone and push them over onto their head.
  6. Nice one, when the crabs fcuk off out, the RAC can replace them as well.
  7. How about celebrity bleep test on 100m ranges at Raleigh and CTCRM. If they make 50 passes without getting slotted they can move on to the 50m range and so on and so on until it's casco baton time.
  8. Anyone read the Richard Bachman (AKA Stephen King) book 'The Long Walk'?

    Get a bunch of chavs. They start to walk. If they stop or drop below 4MPH they get the good news from the troops accompanying them. They keep walking until there is only one left alive. That one gets to live.

    Charge the families for the rounds used, profits from the betting and TV rights goes to H4H...

    Oh, and it's good for Skill At Arms as well!
  9. I like that. One and half turns of Cortex and a No 8 det should do it. That’s got to be more effective than “tagging†delinquents.
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    1. A version of "Challenge Anneka"/"Treasure Hunt", whereby serial killers are released from prison and dropped in the centre of the town where they committed thier most heinous crimes. They then have half an hour to complete a series of tasks - whilst wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and a nameboard - without getting caught by the marauding crowd chasing them. If they complete all tasks within the time limit, they live. If they are caught by the aforementioned marauding crowd, well... :shock:

    2. Two separate issues which can can be resolved mutually. Overcrowded OAP homes/hospitals. Stunning SFX in movies (but you still know they're effects). You may not see the connection, but hear me out. Do you want to see Granny Doris dying in pain in her bed, surrounded by strangers in white coats, or do you want to see her in a blockbuster? Do you want to see her last pulse of life draining from her veins, or do you want her to meet Chuck Norris? Buy her a one-way ticket to Hollywood, dress her as a chav mugger, position her next to a pile of cardboard boxes and dustbins, and watch her head come clean off her shoulders as Chuck does a bushido flip kick in her grid? Graphic, admittedly, but far more dignified than keeping her going longer than is necessary... :shock: :twisted:
  11. How about a topical one:

    Bash the Bishop.
    R.C. pervert priests are put back in the parish where they committed their crimes. They must persuade their victims as to why they should not be punished. Every time they fail to persuade a victim an object is rammed into their arse.
    Strting object can be small like a broken bottle.
  12. I agree, that would be worth watching, then the winner will have the right to be called a celeb. Oh and not forgetting Katie Price some where in the middle of it all.

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