Realities of being operationally posted?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WindyMiller, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi all

    I'm new to rum nation and also hope to be new to the RNR as I am about to start the balling rolling with joining the RNR - HMS Port Alfred.

    I'm 38 and understand that I may be called to a posting in an operational zone and I am fully ok with that, or I wouldn'r be wanting to join.

    My question is how likely is this in reality and does it only affect certain specialities?

  2. Windy

    Welcome aboard shippers.

    I'm in a similar position so can't answer your Q yet, but just wanted to welcome you to RR.

    I've been here for about a month and it's great.

    Good Luck :wink:

  3. Think you will find it is King Alfred!
  4. hi guys - sorry about the typo - I used to live in the eastern cape near a town called Port Alfred!! My mind must have been on sunnier weather!!
  5. Hi windygale - looking forward to some good chat and like the nickname by the way!
  6. 38 is not an old age in the RNR -you'll be about average!

    Currently there is 'intelligent mobilisation', ie you are asked before you get mobilised. If there's a good reason why you can't go at that time, you won't go. This may change.

    Some specialisations, and some rates/ranks, are more called on than others. Prior service experience may also have a abearing.

    It'll be many years before you're considered anyway - min 2 years to get you through initial training, into your specialisation and trained up - more in many cases. By the time you come out of the end of that pipelione the mobilisation situation may be very different.
  7. What branch do you hope to go into WM?

    If it is MTO I am happy to speak to you about this either in PM or on a Tuesday evening.
  8. Hi rosinacarley

    I'm not sure about all of the specialisations yet as I'm only going to the presentation on 6th Feb - and I'm still trying to get to grips with the abbreviations! MTO??

    I'm not sure if I should chose something similar to my civvy job (computers - multimedia design) or to choose something entirely different?? The careere website only touches on the broad nature of the specialisations and I'm looking forward to some more in depth info.


  9. I personally prefer to do something completely different to my day job. You will of course learn all the skills you need.

    For an explanation of MTO - maritime trade ops, I can do no better than refer you to Dubaipusser's post

  10. Welcome WM, to both RR and the RNR.

    It has been said that if you do a decent stretch in the RNR these days that a brown envelope will arrive at some point, in the same way it does for our part time green brethen. How true this is, at this time, I am not sure.

    The biggest fact in calling up the troops, as PT said, is the intelligent mobilisation. You will have a big say in when/if you go on a particular shout. If you want to spend some time on ops, there is usually a chance to do something. I know of a few guys in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan as I write.

    If you want to get involved in the CIS spec (comms and info sys) talk to flagwagger on these forums, he is a top dude in this area.

    I hope you know that the new boy has to get the beers in.


  11. Hi RM, RC

    Thanks for all the advice and will bring beer tokens next time!!
  12. Hi Windy Miller,

    You have PM.
  13. The likelihood of mobilisation is increasing; but some specialisations are more prone than others. I heard a rumour the entire RAF Aux had been mobilised !!!!
  14. Some branches are more prone to going than others.

    logs & medical are usually 1st to go.

    Logs branch have been the leaders in Mobilisation and the IM is the new way ahead. Docs and nurses are always needed when the Sh**e hits the fan, esp if the yanks are about :???:

    If you do get called or ask to go it is a good leg up to the next rung on ladder

    Welcome to the RNR and hope you have fun
  15. No sh*t Sherlock. Ask a CIS rating (especially a PO) what the chances are of him/her being mobilised in the next 2 years.
  16. Awesome rumour!
  17. "Rumour" has it, (yes, another rumour!) that GSSR's are to expect to be called up for stuffed ship and RFA FP teams later this year. Possibly also base guards in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also ateam from the south west has been mobilised for four months.

    Is anyone able to clarify another rumour i've heard that a couple of RNR's have been "injured" somewhere operationally? I assume that they tripped up over their mop bucket somewhere (tongue very firmly in cheek) but does anyone know any better?
  18. Rumours are accurate, but specific details are being closely held. It was not a case of tripping over buckets, and definitely not something to warrant tongue in cheek comments. Details will probably be published or emerge on the internal grapevine in due course.
  19. There have been RNR personnel seriously injured in Iraq, but unless you're in the same unit you won't know.

    Personally, I think the public should know more about the level of casualties than the MOD lets out.
  20. Bollocks to the public, I think we should know more about our oppos catching a bullet in the snotbox!

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