Realistically - what are my chances?

I know no one can actually tell me, I'm sounding off more than anything I think before I go insane googling "discharge shore" every evening for the next 3 months.

Joined up when I was 17, had 2 fabulous years, great reports and no issues, was well and truly living the dream - Until I met my now husband and had a catastrophic contraceptive failure (TMI apologies). I panicked (like you do) got drafted shore side, eventually went sick on shore with sciatica and decided the mature and sensible option would be to leave the service after my maternity leave finished. I regretted my choice almost immediately but could see no other option - husband was still serving. I threw myself into civilian/forces wife life, got a part time job, do volunteer work, am on the PTA etc but I never managed to shake off the huge feeling of regret and every 6 months since leaving, I've done my mile and half just in case FFS.

Fast forward 6 years and a few more kids - we've discussed my re-entry every which way, over and over again which ultimately ended with me walking into the AFCO last week with my discharge docs. The husband's 22yrs are up next year, our family is complete and he's quite happy to take over at home on his pension and a job that will allow him to do school runs etc.

My hopes are up and I'm trying to think about it all objectively, I know my chances of re-entry are slim, (what with the massive waiting lists full of first timers not stupid enough to get pregnant 2 minutes into their career for a start!) but how slim?!

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Having checked the definition for myself:
Discharge SHORE is the appropriate method of removing ratings from the Service who are either inadequate, unhappy juniors (under age 18), suffer medically (enuresis, unstable temperament, chronic VD, chronic seasickness, alcoholism, drug addiction) or financial irresponsibility.
I would be surprised if the circumstances described merited discharge shore?

Good luck.