hi its me again.i just want to know what with the amount of people applying now realisticly when would you think i would be called for phase 1 going for marine engineering and im 35 next march.i just need some idea as i dont want to hang on to a dream if its not going to happen.sorry for the tears!


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If you had completed all elements of selection this last week, a realistic entry date based on current recruiting targets & applicants already waiting to join as ET(ME) is about Jan 2011.
rodeo said:
hi ninja i have completed all aspects in october just like to get some idea so i can plan ahead.

Hello rodeo, young sir,

The AFCOs are shut for the Holiday. Ninja has been replying on here, beyond the call of duty and out of the goodness of his heart.(and to get out of being dragged around the shops by Mrs AFCO)

I don't suppose that, at home, he has on-line access to 'Lists, various'.

Soooo - Please be patient and wait until his leave ends for your answer. And DON'T PM him either. His Spam Filter has been set to ON :roll:

See: AFCO Closed over Christmas thread:


PS I have never been an AFCO but I recommended one of my Team for it. He was selected and he later recruited an Art App though; who, elsewhere, gave me more grief than I ever really deserved.

What goes around comes around....

Sigh again :wink:


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Hi guys. Not been on here for a while due to phase one and two training. Hope everyone is well. Seems the waiting times have gone up a bit since I joined!

Kind regards,

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