Realistic Timescale?


Had my triage phone call today, deemed TMU until mid-May as 2 years need to have elapsed since I was diagnosed with a given condition.

Would this be a likely timescale from medical to BNRC provided nothing further goes wrong?

May - Medical
June - PFJT
Jul/Aug - SIFT
Sep/Oct - AIB
Jan - BRNC


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January is certainly achievable. Depends a lot on your chosen branch and performance at AIB though. At least you have a modicum of control over this, unlike the timings of much of the recruitment process.

All the best of luck.


OK fingers crossed for no setbacks. Applying for X and I imagine that I'll perform relatively well. Am I correct in thinking that there are three intakes per year in Jan, May and Sept? And AIB occurs every week Mon-Fri, bar holidays?


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That was my understanding. Your ACLO will be able to advise you on AIB, intakes, waiting times etc for X and all kinds of other good stuff.


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Just to add, technically you are PMU until at least May, not TMU.

TMU means your medical suitability for service has yet to be determined at this moment in time - it has. For as long as there is no recurrence of the condition, you can be passed fit as early as May, but if there is a recurrence you remain PMU until symptom free for a determined period.

Rest assured the medical examiners get the TMU/PMU thing wrong too.