Realistic Food Expectations in the Royal Navy?


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All that healthy eating stuff has gone. Snorkers or bacon every morning now, and sometimes both.

We can still get more than one snorker when they are there.

We do now have a Scraeg (spelling?) machine to make our own scrambled egg. Saves the chefs having to make it for us.
^Might that be Giraud Scraeg, perchance?

<<...Giraud Scraeg is a Breton found hiding in Chill House in Glenumbra. He says he is hiding from his Breton neighbors. Because his father was a reachman, they also think that Giraud is a cursed follower of Angof the Gravesinger.

Giraud's father came here to Glenumbra from the Reach thirty years ago with Durcorach's Horde. He was wounded at Daggerfall and left behind. His mother took him in and nursed him to health. His father had told him tales about Angof, he was terror even back then.

He adds that if Angof and his cultists aren't killed he will have to leave this place.

Maybe a ship captain in Aldcroft will take him as far as Wayrest if necessary...>>


Shown here (post RN Chef's Course) at last year's STC Easter Egg and Virgin Palm Oil Hunt.


Ermm - Sorry m'deario but Stewards are orf the Menu/Scheme of complement:

For the OP

The RFA (or even the RAF) might be worth investigating as alternatives for your 'special dietary requirements'.
I hadn't considered that fully, certainly not the RAF haha. Much more one for the sea than the skies :) However, I'll definitely be looking into those options, thanks a lot for the help!

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