Real question here -Seaking mk 6, Lynx mk 8 or Harrier??

Best Aircraft to work on?

  • Lynx MK8

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  • Harrier GR7/ GR9

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In that case. Having worked with all of them, I'd say certainly Lynx if you want variety and trips. Small ships flights have taken me all around the world. At the moment I'm with the Harriers and thats ok too, if you fancy a couple of tours of Afghanistan. For tours read Kandahar airbase. Seaking Mk6? As far as I'm aware the only ones we have left are the 771 SAR guys at culdrose, and being a SAR squadron do not deploy. If I were you? I'd be asking for 815 SQN asap.

Edited to add, Fleet Air arm by choice, Aircraft Controller by ability....


War Hero
Having worked on both fixed wing squadrons (buccaneers) and ships flights (lynx) I would not opt for small ships flights. I must warn you that I have been out of the RN for over 22 years but I believe the routines are still the same.
With a squadron there are three watches. When you are finished your watch your time is your own. Also on a squadron you will work mainly within your trade.
Small ships flight consists of nine men, two of which are officer, so that leaves seven workers. The ship will fly the helo at all hours, when flying finishes the helo must be fresh water washed and PX24 applied (the officer have disappeared by now). Once this has been completed then the helo can be maintained. I was the R1 on a lynx flight, I worked within my own trade but also had the following duties.
1. Ships flight stores rating
2. SE Supervisor
3. Weapons loading supervisor.
The work is long and arduous, the rewards few. However you will integrate fully with the rest of the ships company which you will not do on a squadron. HMS Manchester was the best ship I ever served in.

So it's your decision, an eight hour day or a life of watch on stop on.


regardless of what type of aircraft, maybe you should think about where you'll be deployed and how often you'll be stuck in the same theatre of operations.
Personally, anywhere away from crapfats is a safe bet. Life on a front line squadron or flight has its moments as well as a lot of fun.
Instead of aircraft type think of who you want to work for ie; Strike, JHC or Pusser !!!!
I was gonna say that we don't have mk6 any more. You can go Mk7 (cornwall) Mk5 (Cornwall) or Mk4 (Afghanistan) I'd settle down in cornwall personally

not sure

can the MoD put FA2 as an option - he could volunteer for dummy deck at CU, a long shot i know but you might catch WMO at Cott/Witt unawares.


The FA2 has been decommissioned, we're using the GR7 and GR9 Harriers now, until the F-35B comes in, eventually...


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Depends what you want to do later on in life mate, I would think that if you worked on the harrier you'd be more of a foot in for working at an airline when you leave?

Seems the logical way to think about it :)
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