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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by seafarer1939, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Until recently I was quite happy looking a music clips on U-Tube and saving them with Real Player.
    Now the option to save is not there.
    I have downloaded the latest Real Player but it still is not there.
    I do need to save some really good Blues clips if you can help.Cheers.
  2. Not as simple as YouTube Downloader.
  3. True but has the distinct advantage of being available wherever you have internet access rather than having to use your own PC / laptop...

    30 - 15
  4. 30 - 15s no good, I will be pissed before I get through that lot.
  5. Appreciate the replies,thanks.My computer knowledge went into decline when they moved away from Windows 5.
    I'll give them a try.Cheers

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