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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by woody678, May 26, 2009.

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  1. hey their very new to site, i have passed all my tests for raf and never even thought of navy but after seeing my gf brothers pass out parade and reading up on navy a lot more i think i would really enjoy a career, i was thinking of going for medic, two main questions really firstly can i cancel my application to raf and secondly any medics on here able to tell me waht its like thanks. woody o and how long is the waiting list for medic if anyone knows this thanks again. woody
  2. I would have a discreet visit to the RN part of the AFCO and enquire where you stand and what the timescale for entry into the Medical Branch is. I left the Navy in 1992 as a Medic. I considered the training and the responsibility you were given was exceptional. It certainly equipped me with the knowledge and professionalism I needed throughout my career and even provides a good living when you leave the forces. There are bound to be a few medics on here who are more qualified to give you an up to date opinion on how it is now, but I rather suspect that the RN career is the better path to follow.
  3. thanks for your comment very much appreciated
  4. Woody

    A little light reading:*/changeNav/00h00h00200d001/tab/2/*/changeNav/00h00h00200d001/tab/3/*/changeNav/00h00h00200d001/tab/4/*/changeNav/00h00h00200d001/tab/5/

  5. Woody

    Waiting Times:

    MA(GS) 12 months

    MA(SM) 7 months

    calculated from date of RT
  6. thanks for your replies and the material given really useful i really would love to get in sooner but obviously thats not going to happen, but cant really think of any other jobs really want to do, is aircraft handler a good job i heard they do firefighting, thanks for your time. woody

  7. A lad i iknow is going in as a Aircraft carrier, he had his RT test in feb 2008, and yes 2008!! and he still has not got a date, mind you, he would be in but he was refered because of a previus broken thumb

    Its supposed to be one of the best rewarding jobs, thats why there is such a big waiting list to get in!!
  8. cheers again, looks like most jobs got waiting list looks like i will have to get choosing as college end soon.
  9. Scarface

    Is your mate really going to be an Aircraft Carrier?
  10. Woody

    Can I suggest that you pop in to see your nearest Royal Navy Careers Advisor for a chat? Do you know where your nearest ones are?
  11. O gen really... lol

    Were you going to join the RAF as a medic? If so then you might be as wel lstaying with the RAF. I dont have the exact figures but i was told something like 60% of the navys medical staff were on OP Herrick 9 (afghanistan). So you might not be doing that different of a job anyway. And someone once said to me if theres a line the army will be bellow it, the navy will be on it and the RAF will be above it. And from what i have seen this very much applys to looking after there people.
  12. yeh im going to pop in soon this week just been bogged down with coursework am kinda scared my raf careers officer will see me lol
  13. yeah, you better get ready for a good hiding
  14. did any of you know where aircraft handlers were mainly based do they go away a lot thanks
  15. I hear you can't have a broken thumb for that job, what with all the heavy lifting :LOL:
  16. ok cheers for help guys just wondering does anyone know waiting list time for aircraft handler as the medic one does seem way to long and i am choosing out of those two jobs really thanks again. woody
  17. went on the link you sent and seems like this career has waiting loist aswell which is just my luck .
  18. Some trades have shorter waiting lists than others. Lists for AET, CIS, NA (SE), Chef and pretty much anything on boats are all relatively short.
  19. We have an ex Srgn Cdre in out GP practice and he is the most popular of them all.

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