Real Madrid?

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by rfcjonnya, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. What a team they could potentially have. Ronaldo, kaka and now benzema. Seriously that is the stuff of dreams (well for me a Rangers supporter). So will they win the champions league 09/10? One thing is for sure, they will need to add a few defenders because messi and henry tore them up for arse paper when they met at the Santiago Bernabeu.

    I hope Rangers get them in the CL group stages. Seen Benzema and kaka at Ibrox so now for Ronaldo and the likes. Would love it and a visit to Spain again would not go amiss.

    Opinions on there team anyone?

  2. Thanks.

    I've been having trouble sleeping but that's helped a lot.
  3. Warning acknowledged. Sorry bout that.

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  4. Real Madrid? bunch of putas :puke:
  5. From what I saw of them last 2 seasons, they need defenders. If it wasn't for Casillas, they'd've lost a lot more than they did. Case of too many forwards, not enough full backs. And with some of the big names (and bigger egos), who's going to be prepared to sit on the bench ?
  6. Barca, barca, barcaaaaa!
  7. Galacticos Part 2. And we all know how Part 1 turned out. *******, the lot of 'em.
  8. They may have top class players... but can they play together as a team? look at the Madrid team they had a few years ago, Zidane,Figo,Ronaldo (Fat one),Beckham,Raul and did they win the champions league.... they sure didnt and havnt for 7 years, but it will be interesting to see how they will do this year, especialy with the players they have just bought
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    No doubt on paper the team looks impressive. We'll see if they can be gelled together.

    It might come as a shock to yourself, like discovering in your other gers thread that not everyone in the real world believes everything is a catholic conspiracy. Some people don't care about football and even less about Scottish football.

  10. i also hope you get real madrid in the champions league so you get knocked out of europe and dont go a rampage and destroy city centres again such as manchester and shame our countrys football again.

  11. I used to be pretty football mad to be honest. All-seater stadia; the over paid, slack-jawed imbeciles that attract insane amounts of adoration of the kind that is usually reserved for dead 'celebs'; incessant 'entertainment' before and after (and when a goal is scored ffs!) the match and many, many more reasons, made me decide to divert my time and money to doing learning and stuff innit.

    No, I'm not a Celtic supporter by any stretch of the imagination, though the fact that they play in green and white and aren't Rangers are both ticks in the box for me.

    Oh, and officially I'm pisces, so shut up and pass the gin . (Edited as instructed :worship: :p
  12. MOD ON
    Lets keep the religion out of it please.
  13. I do love the the game and seen many international matches, but i think the money is way out of control, i cant see how players justify getting paid 50,60,70,80k a week considering they win nothing and comparing footballers to the British Olympic athletics in Beijing who have nowhere the wages that footballers have seem to do verywell. For me personally i think most footballers dont care bout the sport and are more concerned bout their wages. So to sum it all up they are a bunch of shirtlifting toss pieces. They really should cap the wages.
  14. Just heard that Michael Owen is joining Man Utd, if he can regain form then he would be a good signing, i have my doubts though
  15. Been out over the weekend and only heard about this today. I keep an eye on English football and this looks like a bit weird to me. Ronaldo to Owen...mind you I have no managerial experiance and I would be seriously stupid to criticize one of the greatest managers of all time.

  16. Even the greatest football manager England has known, who came from Govan refused to be Rangers manager and he couldnt wait to to leave when he played for the blue noses.

    I hope the FA refuse to allow Rangers or Celtic into the EPL.

  17. Well time for confession, I have a dark dark secret, that I know you lot of tight lipped dependables would never divulge even under tourture..................Here's a quid, thanks did you know Rumrat is a Man.U.Fan.
    Having got that off my chest, I am mystified by Owen 's arrival. Admittedly it is a free transferre,(owt for nowt) but I think that the boss will use him not as a striker, but to plug a hole in our midfield that you could sail the Ark Royal through.
    Imho having a midfield player of experience is essential to the club, and we seem very light in this area since the departure of Keeo.
    But with his age against him (p*ss stained trousers) we will need to wait and see.
  18. Interesting the fact that you have brought Rangers moving to the EPL up eventhough I have not mentioned it anywhere? I am happy up here as we continue to add to our trophy haul of 111 trophies. UEFA'S only member of the 100 club.

    Would like to point out that SAF was invited to Ibrox by Jock Wallace and he accepted. Jock Wallace offered him the job after him but could not guarantee that Willie Waddell would be happy about it. Willie Waddell was the heart of our club at this time and SAF said only if he personally offered him the job would he accept. Willie waddell did not want him (Big mistake). Sir Alex Ferguson has said this so I am not making this up.

    Also Sir Alex Ferguson got hounded out of Ibrox as he was not a very good player.. Added to this the fact that he messed up against Celtic and ultimately lost us that match did not go down well with the support.

    Anyway aside from the history lesson. Shamrock Rovers done extremely well to keep that scoredown last night. Real IMO will not win the CL.

  19. Takes time for a team to gel, even if they've bought the greatest players on the planet. The GALACTICOS experiment failed - is this an attempt at GALACTICOS MK 2 ? Thing is, there are only 11 on the pitch at any one time - there's an awful lot of gynagerous egos at Madrid, will they all be prepared to sit on the bench ? To be brutally honest, by the time they begin to gel (always assuming they do). Barca will be 8 points in front and will not let it slip. And on a purely financial basis, they can't afford the huge wage bill - some players will have to go, thereby weakening the squad - thinking of people like Snijder, Robben etc.
  20. Couldn't agree more mate. They do need time to gel and how will KAKA and benxema cope in Spain where the play is very different the the French and Italian leagues. They will get used to it but it will not be till novemberish before they start playing at their best assuming they reach that level. Mind you Benzema's turn and finish yesterday was beautiful.

    Ronaldo has a super-ego and I hope he fails over there. He should not have left however if your boyhood hero's where offering you such large amounts of money would you turn them down? infact would you turn down your boyhood hero's if they offered you nothing?


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