Real Life Getting In the Way


War Hero
Not really scrivs. My mission was to challenge Slim and Sumo's POV about Brexit, which I suspected was based on racist instinct, bigotry and ignorance. It was exactly that. They didn't like that of the continued humiliation, so with a few others, they started digging out personal information on me. That isn't really nice, is it? Especially when Sumo starts with the stuff involving y family. It's mainly all out there scrivs, a few mouse clicks and I could easily have information on you which if I started plastering all over here you'd be most displeased and possibly want to put a dent in my existence. Especially if you don't want it out there. Such is how they work. And Sumo has been banned before with exactly the same profile of behaviour. Slim's excluded from other service based forums too. There's a pattern here.

Agreed. Long may it last. We can debate, we can disagree but it doesn't need to descend to that.

Thanks Levers, an excellent post, I totally agree, there is never a need to go down to basement level and start hurling abuse at each other on what is supposed to be a friendly and informative forum. Piss taking yes, that's Jack's way, getting personal, never.
Let's all hope that lessons have been learned here and we don't see a repeat performance again.
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