real info wanted, not recruiter bs.


ok, Im wanting to join the forces, but am a little unsure of if its worth me bothering to apply..
the Royal Marines is what i really want to do, but i could do with knowing a few things before finally making my decision..

1) im 23, is that too old to join realistically?

2) Fitness, i am quite fit (but about 2 stone over ideal weight [according to BMI numbers], playing rugby and american football doesnt help 8O )
how important is Fast running... im struggling to do 1.5 miles in 9min 15secs (normally around 10min 30sec ish :( )
But i can carry a lot of weight at a fast walk/jogging speed, and can do 30+ miles through the peak district/snowdonia area in a day (8 - 10 hours including stopping to have some scran + bevvy :twisted: )

i would really appreciate some info from serving or former marines ( that is if you can be arsed to read all this :lol: )


Andy. (Is it just a case of keep going to the gym/running/swimming and playing rugby/american football, and get my weight down (presuming im not too old) or, should i just face the facts and go for something less 'Elite' ? )

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Hey and welcome to RR, 23 years old is not an old age to join at all, so don't worry :wink: For more information regarding the training aspect, you may want to look here

As for the weight, I'll leave that up to the lads.

See you around




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Two stone over BMI shouldn't be a problem if it's muscle and not fat.

Mile and half run minimum for under 25's marines is 10min 30sec I think, matelots have it a bit easier at 11 mins.

Anyway being an athlete counts for nothing if you haven't got the mental attitude. There will be times when you're cold, wet, tired, miserable and lonely and that's when the attitude to succeed will count.


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Id say that 22-24 is the perfect age to join the corps, I joined at 17 and think it is too young.

Only thing you might struggle with is the hard shite you go through whilst they are turning you into a marine, it's harder to do once your a bit older and wiser as your used to making your own decisions.
I'm not slagging the Marines training as it is the best in the world. But they will take you down a few notches in order to build you back up to their standards.

Fitness wise you sound ok, the fitness programme of the first 15 weeks will either reduce your muscle or remove fat.

My advice is go for it, if you don't find it suits you or you fail it then at least you had a go, nothing worse than regretting not doing something in later life.

I had 7 years in the corps and don't regret a second of it. Great days and it made me a far better person.

Also if your not happy with the recruiter bs you have been given so far then may I recommend you get to a new office and ensure that one of the staff is a serving Royal Marine. Also do the Potential Recruits Course, it is an excellent insight into what your getting into.

One last thing, if you have a serious GF or wife then don't bother, todays modern marine doesnt spend much time at home as you'll be in NI, Norway, Brunei, ship or Afgan etc. Relationships take a massive strain and your better off pissing up with your oppo's.


Thanks for the replies, and yes it was a navy recruiter, not a royal marine.
i know im carrying some excess fat, but im determined to loose it. (only a bit of the excess weight is fat)
Its good to know that my age is OK, and i expect the training to be extremely demanding.
It seems I was told wrong about about the 1.5 mile run thim, thats good to know :)

thanks again,


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9 years 3 months of which I made REAL friends - that will last in memory for a long, long, time.
23 years old is no problem. You have made a good decision to get away from the rat-race. Do it, you will love it :wink:

23 years old is only old for those of us who joined at 15. To most "normal" people is a sensible age to join: you've seen life on the outside and held a civvy job down and more importantly as Skunkmeister says, you are used to making your own decisions, wiser and therefore less impressionable than we Juniors were!

Have fun and enjoy your career in the mob!


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You could always use the RMR as a taster. I'm RNR and from my years intake a couple have gone RN, a couple have dropped out even though joining up was all they wanted to do, and the rest of us get on with our civvy life while we wait to be deployed. I don't know how long it is from careers office to start of training, but you should be able to get some decent preparation from the RMR in the meantime.

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