"REAL" Carriers!!

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by mechanicnog, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. I am a "new boy" to this august assembly of knowledgeable - but young? -
    "WAFU's" and I wonder how those in current service feel about the prospect of serving in REAL carriers? (If we get them!)

    As one of those who served in the the the Ark, Eagle - and even Hermes, Bulwark and Albin before they became taxi platforms for the bootnecks!! - I wonder how much expertise is still available - Will training need to be carried out with the Yanks? Or even - "God forbid" - the frogs?

    I await the outcome with trepidation, and at my age that word has ominous overtones!!!

    Bring back the tot!!
  2. No problem the Navy will just recall the likes of Fido and the rest of the ex chockhead members of RR. Then all they have do is reinstate the dummy deck at Culdrose.
    Think we would learn more from our own as we were always superior to the Yanks :)
  3. What's an aircraft carrier? :roll:
  4. through deck cruiser........just a bit bigger :lol: :lol:
  5. Slim,
    I'm afraid the die is cast my friends, none of the present members of the Handling branch have the expertise required for a "proper" fixed wing deck.
    I am lead to believe that this year sometime, a Chief Aircraft Handler is being sent to San Diego, USA for a three stint, to reaquire those skills.
    This is in no way meant as any form of criticism of the men and women of the Aircraft Handling Branch.
    The Dummy Deck is still running, and turning out Good Handlers for the present carriers and platforms.
    Personally, I don't think we will ever get those fixed wing carriers.
    BTW most of us who were SR's on the big ships are now into our sixties!
  6. Likewise Roofrat, I'm early 60s however even at this age I am sure most of us are fit and active enough to be able to carry out instructional duties ashore, may be a little slow for a real fixed wing deck though :)
  7. Reading these comments, God I fel old amongst all you sprogs!!!

    I don't think I'd last long on a flight deck these days - I doubt if I'd make it up the gangway!!! But, even though I'm "On the cusp" of 70, I'd still like to "walk the deck" again!

    As for the new "Wafu's" well I wish them luck. The Air Arm has always managed to produce the best and I can't see that tradition failing. The new boys might even come up with some new ideas and show us all how it should have been done in the first place!!

    Good luck to 'em all!!
  8. In the 80s when the USN reactivated their old WW2 battleships they had to call on retired sailors to show them how to operate the guns...

    Wonder if the RN will do a similar thing with ex-wafus to show the ships coy of the (fabled) new carriers how to use them :D
  9. My class was the last one that did training on the Ark Royal Dummy deck in 1977, & one of my classmates is still in as a WO AH.
  10. Sorry if this is (sort of) hijacking the thread, but this kind of thing has been going on for years, hasn't it?
    As a "true" POMEML, I have had the misfortune to come across many a lad both young and not so young that has left one certain "training" establishment without even the most rudimentary knowledge of anything vaguely electrical. Some have now reached the heights of CMEML, even those "MEMOC" MEM's that chose to go "L" have no experience etc. Its almost a lost art, if you like.
    Ships are travelling faster and faster towards full electric propulsion at higher and higher generated voltages, with only the old gits having an idea whats going on!!
  11. Carnt feckin wait, About time we are getting Supercarriers, They make the feckin navy.

    The biggest ever naval mistake was the scrapping of the HMS Ark Royal R09, Would have made great support in the Falklands.

    Dont know why they replaced it with these stupid Invincible Class 'Carriers'.

    When we get the Supercarriers, The Invincible Class Carriers should be just used as Marine Assault Ships like the USS Iwo Jima and Tarawa class ships, Or better sold off.
  12. Ships are travelling faster and faster towards full electric propulsion at higher and higher generated voltages, with only the old gits having an idea whats going on!![/quote]

    'Lectric ships; about time too. My mum went all electric years ago and she swears by it. But if one end of the electric string is on the ship where do they plug the other end?? Is there a socket in the dockyard? If they run the ships on an off-peak tariff then they will probably save a bundle but surely the range of the ship will be dictated by the length of the electric string? Saileyors are wonderfully clever so I guess they have it all figured out.

    Probly got a gert 'uge extension lead that is kept Toppo Secret.

  13. God man, didn't you know!!!
    Its all to do with the moon!
    Full Moon = Fast Ship

    There, SEE WHAT I MEAN !!! lol
  14. The Ark Royal was a great ship but scrapping was the only thing to do with her. She was way past her sell by date as anyone who served in her towards the end will tell you. Water rationing as soon as you leave the wall is not a good thing. The mistake was not replacing her with a new real aircraft carrier. She was replaced by through deck cruisers for financial reasons.
  15. Sitting in my 6 by 3 at work is a document written in about 1969 and issued by either FOAC or DNAW (I forget which), which details all the various serials required to operate a f/w carrier deck, with all the fleet standard times etc. It was compiled to ensure that despite Healey, should we ever need to operate a big deck again, there would be some body of knowledge with which to start. Looks like it's based on either Eagle or Vic as its Bucc/Vixen oriented. Details how to generate the flypro for all the different missions and why the deck cycle is set up in it's various ways.

    Probably not fully transferable though, as even if we get a proper cat n trap ship, the badgers kit will have changed beyond all recognition, not to mention the squadron gear etc. The biggest fear with these ships is that there won't be enough bodies to service the flypro, even with built-up rounds, BITE & LRUs.

    Still a fascinating read though.......
  16. Thanks Slim - I stand ready with flags/wands and chocks at the slope. I am sure that Roof Rat, Chockhead and the others can still rig the Mark 9 Barrier!
  17. i wish i could be optimistic enough to believe that we will get these carriers. Alas with all the talk of more and more cut backs in manpower and ships i cant see us ever getting them. We'll be fighting Iran with a defence force if we're lucky!

    On a slightly different note i got the documentary series Sailor for Crimbo. Fantastic, it makes you realise why so many joined up after seeing it.

    Just a shame they didn't preserve the Ark. I found a website with an article by a bloke who worked on her in the breakers yard. He said she came there as if it was just another port visit. Unlike other ships which had be canibalised by the RN before going to the breakers.

    Shame shame.

    Does anyone know if the ex-RN Brazilian Carrier ever got scrapped? I know they were trying to buy her and bring it home as a museum but it was looking a little costly. If you find the Panang ship breakers on Google Earth and follow the trail of beached ships there is a carrier which could be it anchored off shore awaiting her fate.
  18. Fido,
    You betcha life I can, the only thing is, it will be a lot slower these days :cry: But we could teach the new flight deck crew how to do it. Or from what I have observed, perhaps not, in our day we didn't have H&S to contend with :wink:
    Further more,I would hate some young OD to show me a Red card for infringing his/her Human rights by explaining the error of their ways................. :lol: :lol:
  19. I've spotted the first new one in dock awaiting sea trials.....

  20. CD we were talking about real carriers :lol: Thats a Wilson "See Through"! Sorry through deck cruiser.................. :roll:

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