Real 1.5mile Run Times

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by JayCam, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. I have decided to apply in the next few months so have started training properly. I have read that I should be aiming for a 1.5mile time of around 12:30 however this seems very slow.

    Obviously I am going to get as fit as I possibly can before attempting AIB but it would be good to have a realistic time to aim for and hold off until I am running that time.

    So from those allready serving what are the 'inside' standards that I should be reaching to impress at AIB?

  2. Age and gender?
  3. 22 minutes 58 sec, It's my PB.

    Damned Zimmer frame keeps slipping on the cobble stones!

    This has been done many too many times before try searching the "Newbies' Forum.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm sure your dead keen and all that but how is being able to run as fast as a fast thing going to help you as a rupert on a submarine?

    Look up the times and make sure you pass posting your best time.
  5. dont worry to much as long as you fatser then the PTI on his one and two deck dash with daily orders at 1555 you should be ok.
    if not you can play the Fat bastard,gender,race,sexuality cards and get time knocked of you finish time.

    but as wet blobby said go for the best time you can do.
  6. Male, 16, 9:28.
  7. I do mine in about 6 minutes. I think that's pretty average really. Mind you i do smoke, drink, take drugs and never excersise. So maybe i could do better if i tried?
  8. Does that include stopping for a poo?
    Age Pass Good Very Good Excellent
    Male 16 – 24 11.13 10.03 9.36 8.56
    25 – 29 11.38 10.33 10.02 9.20
    30 – 34 12.08 11.02 10.28 9.45
    35 – 39 12.34 11.32 10.55 10.06
    40 – 44 13.02 12.01 11.21 10.30
    45 – 49 13.34 12.31 11.47 10.58
    50 – 54 14.06 12.59 12.22 11.17
    55 – 59 14.32 13.53 13.23 12.22
    16 – 24 13.15 12.41 12.11 11.39
    25 – 29 13.50 13.16 12.43 12.13
    30 – 34 14.28 13.50 13.14 12.47
    35 – 39 15.09 14.24 13.45 13.21
    40 – 44 15.52 14.58 14.17 13.56
    45 – 49 16.41 15.32 14.48 14.30
    50 – 54 17.18 16.02 15.36 15.02
    55 – 59 18.01 16.21 16.02 15.32

  10. Male, 33, 15:30.. oops.
  11. My 1.5mile can be done in 4.58 mate.
  12. Righto, so you're running 4:30 miles? Bore off running walt.
  13. In no time they could beat the world record of 3.43 for the mile lol

    Not that there would be any need to run that fast on board her majesty's ships lol
  14. I don't usually post as i see most people who post are usually at risk from mass crucification (specially us newbies), however i need to post on this occasion and say that i do find QUATE8203's quite offensive.

    "JayCam, if you want a realistic answer heres one. If your aged 18-25 you should be getting under 9 minutes at the bare minimum. My father is 42 and he gets just over 9 minutes, and I'm getting sick of seeing slackers who sit at their x box's too much and push out a womans time of 10 minutes in a BFT. A good time for 18-25 would be around 8 minutes. If you can beat my time of 6:57 then I'll have to get a grip and bust myself that little further."

    Ive been swimming for roughly 14 years now, since the age of 4. Competing in small meets, through to entering country trials when 12 and then onto regional times, i trained 4 times a week as well as eating well and exercising. I didn't like contact sports at a young age, so i didn't really participate in football, rugby or cricket etc so i never really 'ran' for a cause until i started my pre training for the navy.. now after 6 months of training ive gone from a 17 minute time to a 15 minute time.

    Im not a 'slacker', and i dont see how you can judge what a 'good' time would be when you havnt been in everyone esles shoes. I know a couple of people who can jog and nearly walk the 1.5mile... and i know others that its taken them years to get to a standard to even start running.

    Ive got a routine, diet for energy and im motivated, and i danm well want it. and i for one, am so glad to have had this obstacle, because it makes me appreciate the person i am and test myself for the new career im embarking.

    You have no right to slant other people, just because other peoples lifestyles arnt accorded to your own. I could swim for a week straight without any problems... but a 15 minute run nearly kills me.

    Best regards
  15. That's the point. He's trolling. Don't worry about posting though. Do you really care if you get slated a bit? The majority of people on here are so stupid they bite to the most obvious troll job though, so it's easy to get a few pulses raised if you want to have a laugh.
  16. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  17. The irony of Bummerfagger is that he follows me around, reading all my posts, bumping my threads and posting zzzzzzzzzz ... like he's not bothered. He's like my own little e-stalker following me around the forum. I can practically feel his breath on the back of my neck. I'm half expecting my gay little stalker to be sitting naked in the bushes in my garden, covered in shit and masterbating. F'ucking weirdo rubberdagger.
  18. 10:29 the last time I timed myself :( (fookin shins!)

    Press ups: 47 (in a minute)

    Sit-ups: 49 (in a minute)

    Not timed myself in a while so hopefully improved now.
  19. Keep up the good work mate, at least your not a big timing Walt.
    Just ignore Quate He's got Down Syndrome so there's no way he's gonna pass the medical.
    Just check his Joey Deacon Avatar out.
    Personally everytime i look at him im in fits of laughter.

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