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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by bigbaddog, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone in the entire solar system know anyone...friend of a cousins
    next door neighbour..mates great granny twice removed...etc etc who has
    actually won the Readers Digest Prize F***ing Draw??!!
    I want to know if its worth posting all the crap back in the hope of being
    the "Lucky Ticket Owner"
  2. Absolute knowledge have I none.
    But my aunt`s washerwomans sisters son
    Heard a policemean on his beat
    Say to a labourer on the street
    That he had a letter just last week-
    A letter that he did not seek-
    From a chinese merchant in Timbuctoo,
    Who said that his brother in Cuba knew
    Of an Indian Chief in a Texas town
    Who got the dope from a circus clown,
    That a man in Klondyke got it straight
    From a guy in an South American state,
    That a wild man over in Borneo
    Was told by a woman who claimed to know
    etc etc
  3. Just dump the paperwork -- its a load of crap.

    The No envelope will never get opened and the yes envelope will give you
    a freebie as long as you sign the Direct debit form. To cancel the DD is a pain aswell.

    If you reply you will get on the real mailing list and get even more of the shite that they send out!!
  4. Guess its back to the Premium Rate Telephone Competition
    Phone ins then??

    Anyone ever won any good stuff in Comps, or been on Telly and
    won stuff at all?
  5. Apparently I could have won a million pounds several times if I'd returned those envelopes, but I just couldn't be arsed.

    So, really, I'm a multimillionaire now - sort of.

    OK girls, form a queue!
  6. I won £500 on a competition sponsored by Pirate FM last summer. The prize was actually £1000, but I was tied with a 10 year old girl with her arm in plaster and given the option of having a tie break question or splitting it 50/50. I had to go for the latter as A) I was worried I would get lynched and B) it would of probably been a question on the Tellytubbies
  7. My missus won 2 tickets to Gweek Seal Sanctuary once from some
    womens mag.....that was a fecking thrilling day I can tell you! :roll:

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