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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Chicogiz, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. I nearly wet myself listening to that biff at the beginning of that video. RAF Regiment clearly don't do compulsory drugs tests. 5 mile death... classic.
  2. Has anyone gone on the link, u will piss urself laughing.
  3. Have you walked any walk yet, Chico?

    Oh, sorry, you went to Cally, didn't you?
  4. That was funny - especially the bloke with his hands in his pockets ! Five mile run? Isn't that what we did on PO's Leadership Course at Royal Arthur and then a round of circuits at the end - never got a green beret for that :)
  5. Im not saying anything about them, i respect them, im just saying its funny. People find it funny, sorry old MAN! i dont care what people put back on here.
  6. Hahahahaha!

    Pick your toys up on the way out!
  7. Clean ur dust up on your way out!
  8. No no no mate, didn't you hear the esteemed crabby cheifton? It's a 5 mile DEATH!! Now I finally understand why they think they are as good as Royal and the paras especially when they carry the GPMG on their shoulder during the formentioned "death". Brilliant drills, maybe one day we might be as switched on as them.
  9. I suppose thats why we didn't get a green beret - no GPMG - what is a GPMG anyway? - I was a pinkie!
  10. The general purpose machine gun no? Matelots might know it better as the big scary black gun.
  11. Hmm, young thrusters who haven't even done a 3 mile speed march ripping sh0ite out of the crabtastics, it ain't big or clever.
    Oh Chico, how did the resit of your entry test go and have you done that sponsored Parachute jump yet or the 1,001 other things you've gobbed off about?
    When you've actually done some service you may then rip the RAF Reg a new ring, 'til then shut the feck up.
  12. Ever get the feeling you're missing something?
  13. that link is now bookmarked!!!!! BIG 3 MY ******* ARSE!!! However.. Novel way to carry a GPMG on a yomp.. Surprised they didn't top flap it!
  14. Maybe that was in case they were contacted by air from the rear. Or maybe it's because they're just biffs. It's all one big mystery. :whew:
  15. A 5 mile bimble to the ranges and half a days shoot... Need i say anymore.
  16. Im not laughing at the lads doing the 5 miler, im lauging at the bloke saying it makes them the best and better than the paras/marines. You dont read do you? i said i resit my test in october. Also i put down about the parachute dum arse, also i will be back in 2 years time to gob of ok, would that help u?

  17. You are going to go down a storm at CTC, wait until you do a speedmarch before you gob off.
  18. Chico, go chip some paint in readiness for your future career, my guess is that if you ever get in that's about all anyone will let you do.
    That is once you've mastered maths, the English language and picking which of the multiple choice pictures is right.
    Sweating much?

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