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READ PLEASE Eternal Voices Concert over half of tickets sold


Dear All,

Last year I was commissioned by The Royal Marines Charitable Trust to write the words for a new 30 minute piece of music to celebrate the return of The Royal Marines from Afghanistan and to commemorate the fallen. The Composer is 'British Composer Award' Winner Adam Gorb.

The work ‘Eternal Voices’ receives its world premiere at Exeter Cathedral on Sat Nov 20th this year and will be performed by The Band of HM Royal Marines and the 80-strong Exeter Festival Chorus as part of a gala concert to raise money for Royal Marines Charities. Because the piece contains integral News headlines of RM casualties, Sir Trevor McDonald OBE will be coming out of retirement to read the News one last time.

. I am concerned that members of the RM community who wish to attend will not be able to get tickets if they do not book quickly. The Press Release has not yet gone out to the general public, and when it does, the remaining tickets should sell very quickly.
Tickets: £10 to £25
Box Offices: Exeter Festival Chorus: 01392 432 309 or Exeter Phoenix Box Office: 01392 667 080
Websites & Online Booking: or

Please spread the word.
Many thanks,

Ben Kaye

[email protected]
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