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War Hero
A new book just released in the States, State of Denial by Bob Woodward, looks like it could cause problems in the forthcoming American election with a somewhat critical expose of the Bush administration. Typical of politics these days dirty tricks are the way to go it appears and this one seems to head in that direction.
The book, with more than 550 pages, " portrays an administration divided to the point of dysfunction, headed by an incurious president, denying to himself and the American public just how seriously off the rails the administration's war in Iraq has gone".The book was officially released yesterday but it is already in its third print run. More than 900,000 copies have been printed.
It seems that politics in th USA is about to become even dirtier with rumblings of impeachment in the air. Who'd be in George's shoes with Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea bubbling away and the elections set for a boots an' all donnybrook. Where will this almighty fckuing mess end.

End? It's never going to end. Ad infinitum, ad absurdem.
Comedian George Carlin once said: You have selfish, ignorant citizens, you get selfish ignorant politicians. Garbage in, garbage out.
This backstabbing crap is going to continue long after the Bushbaby's gone. Just look at what happened to Clinton.

(I wouldn't hold my breath on impeachment. Those rumours have been around for years.)


War Hero
Reckon that's spot on BY and the games they play at our expense are costly while the job does not get done. Dunno the answer but there must surely be one. Maybe the second coming is nigh and that's about all that can sort the shambles. All rather sad as life can be so pleasant, Que sera sera