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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by whitey_hendrix, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    My brother and I are in the middle of trying to join the RN with our first job choice being that of an HM.

    Well we hit a wee bit of a snag...namely: the recruiter has just informed us that the wait list is 21 months...almost 2 years!!! Lets just say I was a little taken aback by that...

    I know I shouldn't base my trade on purely waiting time, but 21 months is a little bit extreme as far as I'm concerned (esp with the economy making civvy street look more and more untenable) so I've come to thinking about the other choices on my list and if anyone knew the waiting times for these:

    Warfare Specialist

    Air engineering technician

    Mine Warfare Specialist

    These are what I can think off the top of my head right now and I'm trying to fit both my brother and I in here, so maybe when I get back with him he'll have more to add to the list.

    I don't want to come off as desperate or wishy-washy or seem that I'll take anything thats convienent, but I'm just asking out of practicality so I can add things into the equation and make my final decision from there.

    Anyway, thanks and I look forward to any and all responses.

  2. ok, I looked around and found the answers I guess.

    Warfare spec 3 months and 7-8 for the other two. Before I dive in though, I'll look around for more info and advice on that job.

    This a great site btw. I wish I looked here before I even talked to the recruiter!
  3. i passed selection for HM then foud out about the 21month waiting list, wanting to be in within the next year christmas 09 at the very latest, i decided to opt for my joint/second choice which was Naval airman SE,

    all i had to do was go for a chat with my recruiter, only too a few mins, ad he just asked for the reasons why ect, and now i'm on the much shorter 7 month waiting list for NA (SE)

    i was however woried because i know it is in fact better to stick to your guns and wait it out for the job you want, however HM was only really my first choice because i had to have a no.1 for my interview, it was a real mix up between HM and SE, but im very happy i've got the the chance to join as an SE withing the next year,

    at the end of the day its your call, and i dont believe its as easy as holding out for that first job choice, when theres a whole host of other influencing factors that come into play, i.e current personal circumstances, whats happening for yourself in the next year/two, current working situation, current economical crisis etc etc...

    but i cant wait!
  4. Good luck in what ever choice you take, it will be worth i!
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Who said that? :dwarf:
  6. Waiting times for your branches are:-

    Warfare Spec - 3 months

    Air Engineer - 3 months

    Warfare Spec (Mine warfare) - 7 months

    These times are approx based on the last info from the director of naval recruiting.

    One thing from myself, when I joined the RN 30 years ago I wanted the HM branch and it was 18 months wait then. I sometime regret not waiting for the branch I wanted. Whatever you decide I wish you both the best of luck.




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