Come Jan 2013,it will be 50 years since I joined the mob at Shotley Gate.I'm still in touch with a few lads & we thought it would be a great idea if we had a re-union of all who were in Frobisher 31 mess for most of 1963. e-mail me at [email protected] if you agree or not agree for that matter,it will be great to hear from you.
Hi Johnpanto, "SNAP" 50 years for me also. Joined 30th April 1963, After Ashanti Mess in the Annex, kipped down in Benbow Lane, Collingwood 29 Mess. First ship "Hms Agincourt" and left Dec. 2008 from Nas Culdrose as CRS. Have a great re-union shippers. Mick
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