re-taking aptitude test, rough date

Hey up, some may remember me from March, where i openly stated that i failed the aptitude test, only by 1 question on the maths section, if thats any better!!

I've hard a good, long, hard think and I want another go at it, the job I'm in at the moment, pays, just!!!, but is too dead-end!

I took the test on 28th March this year, so am i right in thinking I will get a letter sent to me in early March next year asking me if i want to come back on the 28th march 2008 (or near-enough date)

I really would like to take the test again, and from what the bloke at the AFCO said after i failed, they will send a letter to re-take it in a years time

can somebody please explain the procedure, then im going on a maths course!, i want to get in next time!



War Hero
No the AFCO will not necessarily invite you back to re-sit the test.

It's up to you to get in touch & state you wish to re-sit, otherwise they would waste a lot of time, effort & money writing to those that failed & had no intention of having another go.

Call it a gauge of your motivation to join- get back in touch. There is a possibility to re-sit after 6 months- ask the AFCO how.

By the way if you "Just failed maths by one point" that means you got 21 out of 30 questions wrong. Look not at the one point- look at the 21.

Make sure you really do practice against the clock beforehand this next time- it's your last go. Ever.

Good Luck.

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