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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Buck_trailor, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. I need some advice on re joining the RN after being discharged for DUDT "shore" BR 8748 1010.5. I was told by AFCO that i had to wait 24 months before even applying again.. It is now a year since my discharge and want to re-join. The reference code on my papers is S241 and havent a clue what it means.
  2. FFS Join the Army, what makes you think that they want you again? 24 months? What did you do?

    Does anyone know what i need to do to get back into the mob???? im going out of my mind lol....from the former chef taylor

    Change your name and nationality, re join as a submariner or aircrew, they will never know.

    Read your post again, and ask yourself, am i fukcing real?

    Sorry, an Old Guy who does not give a shit.

    Offensive post follows.
  3. Why were you discharged?
  4. Im too old for the army buddy!!... see what ya mean about the post!! cheers, I was put in cells 3 times in a row and missed the following days instruction, more than once.. and i was a submariner, was due to go to faslane 2 days after being discharged ffs.. people got away with shit, but i seemed to always get caught lol
  5. Went ashore from Raleigh but not via liberty boat, and returned a bit too drunk and got put in cells at Turn to the next morning, but on more than 1 occasion
  6. Tbh youve got to accept the possibility that the navy wont want you back- if you have been put in cells three times in a row it shows you have a lack of discipline and, possibly, a contempt for the way in which the navy works.
  7. yeah i realise that IB, i think maybe im hoping that the 2 years "to think about my actions" time might go in favour, or maybe im just kidding myself!!!
  8. If you haven't the self discipline to succeed last time you were in why would the RN have you back?
    Presently there seem to be more applicants than vacancies, why take a known failure in who obviously from his actions during his previous service would fail again.
    Sorry mate you just ain't navy material
  9. thanx for reply slim, i guess i should be lucky that i finished my phase 2 course and came away with an NVQ....but i must admit it doesnt look good does it, its just a shame, because i was fine for a year in Raleigh, after being training extended with a fractured tibia after it was miss diagnosed as shin splints and then made to run 45 minutes with a stress fracture cos staff didnt believe me.... 21 weeks in phase 1 yippee...anyway im not making excuses, i messed up
  10. Look at it from the mobs perspective, for example the money they spent on you during your extended phase one and phase two training.
  11. thats what LtCdr said while i was at the table, it must have costs thousands and i repay them by losing control, i suppose all i can do is apply and hope they will see how much i have changed and know that i cocked things up. thanxs all for the replies
  12. Might be better letting one of the recruiters do some answers for you.

    However from your posts it reads like you wouldn't have made it to
    Submarines -----cells/breaking ship etc etc. In the RN's mind they probably thought you wanted out !!So you got your wishes granted.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    DUDT= Discharged Unsuitable During Training.

    Your AFCO is correct, if you are DUDT there is normally a caveat attached before you may re-apply and in your case if your AFCO states two years, then two years it is. No-one can override the decision regarding eligibility to re-apply made by your discharging unit.

    The S241 is the old name for what is now called RORRS (Ratings & Other Ranks Reporting System) in other words it's your performance report whilst you were in service.

    As you were discharged under this category, whilst you are eligible if you so wish to re-apply after the set caveat, there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will automatically be granted a right to rejoin.
  14. oh thank you very much ninja!!! that clears alot up, i didnt get a copy of the cleavat with my papers, but AFCO phoned Portsmouth and it was them that told me the 2 years. And to return after the 2yrs.. thanks once again ninja, i really appreciate that, and everyone else for the help
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    No problem, best of luck.

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