re:purchase of UC2 badge.

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by pingbosun, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. G'day all.

    I wonder if someone could tell me :idea: where I would be able to buy an old style UC2 gold wire badge, ie: the old type used on the old No. one suits. and a single G/C stripe. My old one had a zip fastener on it :roll: and is now a wee bit worse for wear.

    No I don't want to wear it to the pub, to pick up birds, at my age they would be emus :lol: :lol:

    Thanks in advance pingie.
  2. I'm sure most of the naval tailors would have stocks of "out of date" badges. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to post the address of Bernard's, or equivalent - assuming that these firms are still trading?

  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    GCB Stripe can be provided from my wife's ready use sewing kit.
  4. G'day all.

    Thanks Flag Wagger, for the reply, as you said maybe some one will have a naval tailors address so that I can get an old style one.

    Many of my old souvenir's went their way when I used to come home on a Saturday night, and had a party, or a Sunday barbie, somebodies kids would ask to look at things ie. cap tallies, badges , photos, all the odds and sods that one collects when you worked for the "Government in Steel" and travelled the world, as all my own kids were grown up with no interest in anything that I had (then, now they look for them)

    regards pingie.
  5. G'day Mate.

    Received the badges that you sent me I must thank you very much, that's you and your better half's sewing basket :oops:

    I'll be tying some flies hopefully in the next couple of days and I'll send them to you, as soon as I'm a wee bit better,[don't want to send you crap ones lo]

    IF any-one else out there knows a Naval Tailor who might have a UC2 gold badge (old style) that I could buy, I'd appreciate the address.

    Again thanks to both of you

    doog. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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