re preserved pension

joined jan 28 1975 left march 1975. re entered feb 1976 left oct 31 1981. awarded preserved pension, told it was payable aged 55, every time rang somewhere in Scotland was told everyone gets it at 60 yrs. am 60 in January and don,t have a clue how to claim, if I remember right I was due a lumpsum of £1500.00 pounds and £500 a year index linked, what would this be worth today? any ideas, searched high and low for service certificate but mislaid over the years, any help appreciated


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60 is right I am afraid. Don't worry about not having your Certificate. Just write to them telling them you name, number, which service you were in and date of departure - they will get your record from there.

Not near my indexation table right now but will bring your pension up to present day values for your later.


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cheers Vauxhall, appreciated, not sure where to write to,
The pension is multiplied by 3.387182 (taken from the government produced table) and becomes £1,693.59 and the lump sum becomes £5,080.77.

Address is:

Veterans UK
Mailpoint 480
Kentigern House
65 Brown St
G2 8EX


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thanks Vauxhall for your time, are those figures based on the ones I posted or on the government figures


You said that on 31 Oct 81 your pension was £500 and your lump sum £1500. The figures I have given you are the current values of £500 and £1500 using the government table to increase them in line with inflation.