Hello guys probably been posted on here a 1000 times but mines a bit unique and asking for advice, basically done five and a half years in the forces left back in 2010, after doing things I wish I done before the forces, ie uni, travelling and grown up a little bit! I want a career back in the navy, I was a cis was just about to transfer to pti, I'm not worried about doin phase one or two again or what pay cut I have to take, I'll will prob re join as a writer or as as this is the easiest for manning clearance for being a pti which is ultimately what I want to do, my unique stance is that I'm in austrailia as it stands and would of been out of he country for a year, will this effect my entry, and will my previous record help me or fast track me back in the forces, any help appreciated as you can imagine I can't just pop into my local afco!
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